ZOMBIE TIDAL WAVE (2019) Reviews and overview


Zombie Tidal Wave, from the Sharknado team, is the first feature film under a production deal between actor Ian Ziering’s I.Man Productions and Darby Parker’s Stronghold Entertainment.

Obviously, the movie stars Ian Ziering and was directed by Anthony C. Ferrante who helmed all six of Ziering’s Sharknado film instalments, as well as Hansel & Gretel; Boo and Headless Horseman.


A zombie-slinging tidal wave hits a small town causing maritime mayhem…


“Despite not going for the over-the-top nature of so much from the company’s past material, the continuous action and far more realistic storyline here manages to give this one much more of a realistic tone that’s quite appreciated. This is readily recommended for all fans of zombie films…” Don Anelli, Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“The film’s first third takes place almost exclusively at sea leading to more Sharknado similarities. Obviously, the two creatures (Sharks/Zombies) are interchangeable and not necessarily relevant other than as a plot mechanic. But once the story hits land, in the form of a zombie tsunami, things start to liven up. Mindless end of summer fun won’t tax the brain.” Movie Mavs

Zombie Tidal Wave could have been enjoyably mindless entertainment, but it sabotages itself at every turn. The effects are absolutely bottom of the barrel. A scene where Hunter and the Sheriff (Erich Chikashi Linzbichler) ride the wave out on his boat could have been great if it didn’t look like a bad cartoon.” Voices from the Beyond

Italian connection:

A one scene Ian Ziering’s character Hunter Shaw uses an outboard motor to fend off of the undead paying homage to Italian film Zombie Holocaust (1980). There is a rock band named The Fulci’s after Italian director Lucio Fulci (Zombie Flesh Eaters; The Beyond; City of the Living Dead).


Zombie Tidal Wave was the focal point of Syfy’s ‘Off the Deep End Weekend’ season of aquatic terrors that runs from August 17th to 18th.

Here is the full schedule:

Cast and characters:

  • Ian Ziering … Hunter Shaw
  • Erich Chikashi Linzbichler … Sheriff Kameo Akoni (as Chikashi Linzbichler)
  • Shelton Jolivette … Ray McCray
  • Cheree Cassidy … Kenzie Wright
  • Tatum Chiniquy … Samantha Wright
  • Angie Teodora Dick … Taani Akoni (as Teodora Dick)
  • Randy Charach … Marty Driscoll
  • Eliza D’Souza … Jada McCray (as Eliza Matengu D’Souza)
  • Lincoln Bevers … Blaine
  • Will Jay … Dag
  • Natasha Hardegen … Connie
  • Dennis James Martin … Rand
  • Kenneth Won … Officer Pok
  • AnnMarie Giaquinto … Nurse Sophia
  • Jaroslav Shvets … Ivan

Technical details:

Audio: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


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