KILLER BOOK CLUB (2023) 10 reviews of Netflix horror mystery

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Killer Book Club is a 2023 Spanish horror thriller film about fright-loving friends who fight for their lives when a killer clown who seems to know the grim secret they share begins to pick them off, one by one…

“could have been a zippy meta-slasher that incorporates writer’s envy, social media trends, and heaping dollops of red, juicy blood. What’s here never comes together as book club besties turn on each other when a masked maniac attacks, despite set-dressing the part. Underneath is just another shallow Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer wannabe that struggles to maintain its own establishing rules, no better nor worse than middle-of-the-pack anonymity.” ★★½ Bloody Disgusting

” …feels exactly like Scream though without any of the more effectively executed terror. Even the one surprise it does pull out feels like a mimicry of those movies. That we get a closing monologue acknowledging how it is not only a rather lackluster ending while still deciding to spell everything out just hammers home how inert it all was.” Rating: C- Collider

” …while no one in the cast is bad, their characters are just stereotypes that do nothing good for the movie. And don’t even get me started on the grossly inappropriate and unnecessary steamy scene between two teenagers. Good Lord, how I wanted this movie to be over sooner rather than later. Look, if you enjoy horror movies with a slasher theme and a mystery killer, then surely you’ll want to check out Killer Book Club on Netflix.” ★★ Heaven of Horror


” …in contrast to the clever and unpredictable nature of the Scream movies, Killer Book Club falls short in terms of intelligence and unpredictability. The graphic violence present in the film doesn’t necessarily enhance its weak storyline, which frequently finds itself backed into corners with no clear direction. Nevertheless, slasher and horror film enthusiasts might find some enjoyment…” High on Films

“It rather helps cement the argument that making horror pieces is never going to be a right-hand task. It brings on a predictable killer that you’ll be able to guess right off the bat even if their motive takes some time to clearly state itself. You can still watch it if you’re interested in witnessing a younger group of people taking the lead in such a movie, but watching the Scream movies will obviously always be the better alternative.” ★★ Leisure Byte


Killer Book Club is a fun slasher and a good time […] It is a bit generic, but the characters will keep you engaged throughout to solve the mystery of who is hunting them […] What could be considered cheesy because it involves clowns turns into a more meaningful story entirely.” ★★★ Ready Steady Cut

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