YOU’RE NOT ME (2023) Reviews of Spanish horror thriller

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You’re Not Me is a 2023 Spanish horror thriller film about a young woman who home for Christmas to find that her parents have replaced her with an unknown woman who is being treated like their daughter…

Written, produced and directed by Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera.

The movie stars Pilar Almería, Álvaro Báguena, Anna Kurikka, Pilar Martínez, Jorge Motos, Alfred Picó, Yapoena Silva and Roser Tapias.

After an absence of three years, Aitana makes a surprise return home at Christmas so that her relatives can meet Gabi, her Brazilian partner, and their son. The reception from her parents is surprisingly very cold. Only her brother, who sits in a wheelchair, is pleased to see her again.

But what affects Aitana most of all is the presence of a stranger her own age sleeping in her bed, wearing her clothes, living in her house, and being treated by her parents as if she were their daughter. From that moment on, torn by jealousy, suspicion, and misunderstanding, Aitana tries to find out what is happening and who the intruder is that has taken her place in the family – until she discovers an unexpected and disturbing truth that is darker and way bloodier than she would ever have thought possible…

” …an incredibly dark and horrific film that ends up in an entirely different narrative than what it is marketed as and it switches between the two so effortlessly it’s difficult to discern where one thread ends and the other begins. It’s brilliantly paced, it’s relentless in pushing the viewer towards the horrific ending, and it is utterly merciless in its examination of family dynamics and social status.” Cinepunx

You’re Not Me is a predictable trip down horror holiday lane that doesn’t have anywhere particularly compelling to go. This thriller relies heavily on leading the viewer down several potential paths, but they feel pointless when we already know which one it’s taking. The production looks slick enough, but its thrills are underwhelming.” ★★½ Guy at the Movies

“Writer and directors Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera have managed to create a particularly cruel genre hybrid with You’re Not Me. Partly because we’re kept in the dark for so long, but also simply due to the nature of what is revealed. It pays to be patient, though I did find myself getting very irritated with the main character.” ★★★ Heaven of Horror

“With some sublime imagery (details of which cannot be shared), committed performances, and alluring script, You’re Not Me is destined to turn heads […] Wonderfully intense, suffocatingly unnerving, and riddled with suspense, suspicion and paranoia, You’re Not Me is a tortuous viewing experience, but for all the right reasons.” ★★★★ The Hollywood News

” …I don’t have any big criticisms of You’re Not Me. Sure, there are a few things I could nitpick here and there, like a couple of lines that I think could’ve been delivered a bit better, but on the whole, this is just an all-around good movie. It features an intriguing premise that’s executed with equally thought-provoking tension and paranoia, and the payoff is completely satisfying.” Horror Obsessive

“Roser Tapias and Pilar Almería shine in an effectively unsavory story that slickly combines its familial conflicts with the more heightened context that’s revealed towards the end. Not a standout of the year or even just within the festival circuits I’ve gone through, but a well-executed bit of uneasiness that definitely leaves some interesting character-based food for thought.” ★★★½ Loud and Clear

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Original title:
Tú no eres yo

Filming locations:
Castellón, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain

Technical specs:
1 hour 38 minutes

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