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The Exterminators of the Year 3000 is a 1983 Italian-Spanish post-apocalypse action science fiction film about survivors searching for water.

Directed by Giuliano Carnimeo [as Jules Harrison] (RatMan; The Case of the Bloody Iris; I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death) from a screenplay co-written by Elisa Briganti, Dardano Sacchetti and José Truchado [as James A. Prich], the movie stars Robert Iannucci, Alicia Moro, Luciano Pigozzi, Eduardo Fajardo, Fernando Bilbao, Beryl Cunningham and Luca Venantini.

” …a low-budget, laughably unoriginal version of all the things you watch those movies for: crazy stunts, car crashes, a post-apocalyptic world populated by people in ridiculous outfits, and most importantly: an anti-hero who doesn’t care about anything until a kid comes along!” Birth. Movies. Death.

” …the film devolves into a series of noisy chases and explosions. This is a decidedly lo-fi effort to spin a little box office gold out of pure dross, but the film’s often hilarious dubbing and inchoate editing, along with a certain wobbly acting style, may recommend it to certain lovers of kitsch and/or camp.”

“Aside from its attention-grabbing title, it’s not quite as energized as Castellari’s entries in this genre; yet Carnimeo strives to entertain with his. With no nudity, cartoonish violence, and some modest gore, it’s relatively safe–if unremarkable–exploitation fare.” Cool @ss Cinema

” …a very entertaining rip-off of Mad Max with the usual desert car chases, gunplay, and pyrotechnics, as well as some comic relief that is actually chuckle-worthy. Despite the usual uneven dubbing – with familiar voice actors like Edward Mannix, Susan Spafford, and Pat Starke – the story remains compelling if not exactly original…” DVD Drive-In

“The quest for water is nothing more than a McGuffin to string together action scenes (and is presented as such). This apathy pervades the film and only helps drag it down, in my opinion, particularly once we get to the end. This movie is not done any favors by the writers or actors either. The dialogue is in the realm of “So Bad It’s Good.” The Gentlemen’s Blog to Midnite Cinema

“It copies Mad Max 2 with shameless regard – a loner hero; a cute kid sidekick; a peaceful community besieged by punks of the wasteland; the fight for a precious resource – oil in Mad Max 2, water here; a big action sequence where the crazies race to board a tanker. While it does little of interest or originality with its plot, The Exterminators of the Year 3000 at least delivers some vigorous action set-pieces.” Moria

Exterminators of the Year 3000 is a very silly movie. It’s only really fun in the context of it being a pretty poor attempt at a post-apocalyptic road movie, but it does have a fair amount of insane over-the-top action like the best of Italian schlock cinema [….] Worth a look with a group of like-minded friends.” Nerdist

“You have to admire the commitment at any rate, even if this mindless mayhem feels like a kid smash some toys together in a sandbox. Admittedly, a sandbox might provide more robust locales than the arid backdrop here. Try as he might, director Giuliano Carnimeo struggles to outrun the obvious budget constraints involving anything that doesn’t result in twisted metal.” Oh, the Horror!

“This film, it’s…. just terrible. The production values aren’t bad and the action photography is decent but the story is a retread and the dubbing is awful. You’ll laugh out loud as the main bad guy repeatedly screams ‘mothergrabbers!’ and calls his opponents ‘turkeys’.  When they’re not in a car chase the film crawls and is unforgivably dull.” Pop Culture Beast

“It really does borrow a lot from the Mad Max series and does so with what would seem to be a considerably smaller budget and with way less style, but it is fast-paced, exciting and violent. It’s a low budget action movie that hits all the right notes and offers up a likeable anti-hero type in Iannucci’s Alien.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

Exterminators of the Year 3000 features pyrotechnics and stunt work that are at least equal to, and in some cases better than, some of its more-well-known fellow travelers in the Italian post-armageddon sub-genre. While most of Carnimeo’s direction is fairly point-and-shoot and certainly lacks the style of, say, an Enzo G. Castellari, functional ain’t so bad when it comes to telling this type of straightforward story.” Trash Film Guru

Exterminators of the Year 3000 is nothing more than a cheap, knock-off/cash in of The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2).  There is no way of getting out of that.  However, this movie doesn’t hide that fact and doesn’t care.  It’s a terrific piece of B-level, trash cinema that is entertaining as hell from start to finish.” Why So Blu?

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