THE SLAUGHTER (2006) Reviews and overview

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The Slaughter is a 2006 American horror feature film written, photographed, edited and directed by Jay Lee (House with 100 Eyes; Area 407: Part Two; Alyce Kills; et al). The movie stars Jessica Ellis, Zak Kilberg, Jen Alex Gonzalez Brad Milne, Terry Erioski, Laura Stein, Travis Wood, Billy Beck and Adriana Esquivel.


At the turn-of-the-century, a group of naked young women perform a ritual sacrifice to raise a she-demon.

Forty years later, at a remote house, the power of the she-demon causes a mother to sacrifice her own daughter. The house remains abandoned until six college students are hired to clean up the place by Mr. Stevens, a real estate agent.

The teens find a book of incantations in the basement and due to their lustful activities unwittingly unleash a “gateway to unspeakable evil”…


“It’s certainly not horrible, but the strange tonal shift during the third act, worthless “commentary” dialogue, the pitiful CG work, and rather slow first act make it hard to recommend as anything but a curiosity.” Horror Movie a Day

“The story comes full circle in a 80′s style “awakening” of the demons sort of take. This hot fully nude demon appears to each of the occupants and inflicts some form of “Freddy Krueger” style death act […] I must say though I was surprised at the cleverly cool practical effects gags used.” Horror News

“No-budget zombie/demon wig out The Slaughter has energetic fun rehashing genre cliches. Pic benefits from knowing but not-quite-camp approach and some funny lines, even if final reels go overboard. Sum is disposable yet still slightly above-average for this type of film…” Variety


In the US, the film was released on DVD in November 2007 by Lions Gate. An ’18’ rated British DVD release from Boulevard Entertainment came in April 2008.

Cast and characters:

  • Jessica Custodio … Dana (as Jessica Ellis)
  • Zak Kilberg … Iggy
  • Terry Erioski … Tyler
  • Laura Bach … Heather (as Laura Stein)
  • Travis Wood … Brandon
  • Jen Alex … Alexandra (as Jen Alex Gonzalez)
  • Brad Milne … Carl Stevens
  • Billy Beck … Razz
  • Adriana Mejia … She Demon (as Adriana Esquivel)
  • Carmit Levité … Julia Carter
  • Cheyenne Ault … Denise Carter
  • Eva Derrek … Madam Izriah
  • Penny Vital … Madame Eliza (as Penny Drake)
  • Elana Blank … Witch
  • Jessica Elder … Witch
  • Ellyn Daniels … Witch (as Elizabeth Goddard)
  • Jessica Harbeck … Witch
  • Kristen Karvouni … Witch
  • Jennifer Salvucci … Witch
  • Tiffany Tejeda … Witch
  • Sasha Yates … Witch
  • Tiffany Hayden … Witch

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