Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – aka The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – is a 1936 British feature film produced and directed by George King. The movie stars Tod Slaughter in one of his most famous roles as the barber Sweeney Todd.


Sweeney Todd is a barber with a shop near the London docks. Using his charm and tonsorial skills, Todd lures wealthy, respectable customers into his Fleet Street barber shop, where he settles them into a mechanical barber’s chair which dumps them head-first down into the basement, ready to have their throats cut with a straight-edge, razor-sharp blade if the fall does not kill them first. Mrs. Lovett, the meat pie maker next-door disposes of the bodies for a share of the stolen money.

Sweeney Todd has his eye on marrying the daughter of a local aristocrat, but her father refuses him. When her lover returns from an ocean voyage, Todd tries to get him out of the way. The fall, however, doesn’t kill him and Mrs. Lovett hides him, allowing him to escape. When he recovers, he returns in disguise to expose the barber…


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