SKEW (2005) Reviews and overview


Skew is a 2005 American horror feature film written and directed by Sevé Schelenz. It was belatedly released in 2011.


‘Skew succeeds in being a genuine mind f*ck, for lack of a better phrase. Inexplicably the camera has a draw to it’s carrier Simon and chooses it’s victims based on his tampering with matters of life and death. At the core though Skew isn’t about the odd deaths that occur from the lens of the camera but the secrets that possess each friend’. The Bleeding Dead

“Here we ago again, another ‘found footage’ horror…” Except that isn’t true – at least not in the sense you think. Seriously, do NOT let it dissuade you from seeing Skew as this film’s a rare occasion in which case the bold statements on the back cover are all true – it will indeed keep audiences on edge until its revealing end.” Cool Awesome Movies

Skew is not a perfect film, but is a great mixture of two sub-genres of horror, that relies on it’s audiences intelligence, rather than exposition. The unnerving atmosphere is sure to get under your skin, the slow burn aspect of the film may leave viewers wanting a faster paced film. I highly recommend it, but it’s clearly not for everyone.”