Tombs of the Blind Dead – Spain, Portugal, 1971 – reviews

Tombs of the Blind Dead (also Tomb of the Blind Dead and The Blind Dead) is a 1971 Spanish horror film written and directed by Amando de Ossorio. Its original Spanish title is La Noche del terror ciego, which translates as “The Night of the Blind Terror”.

The film is the first in Ossorio’s Blind Dead series. In it, Ossorio introduces the concept that the Knights Templar (a real-life order that was eventually disbanded after charges of witchcraft) come back from the dead as zombie-like revenants. Their blindness is explained as the result of their eyes having been pecked out by birds after their hanged bodies were left on the gallows.


A couple run into an old friend on vacation. The man invites the woman along for a train trip, but his girlfriend (embarrassed over his obvious interest in the other woman) jumps off the train and ends up spending the night in the ruins where the Templars are buried.

The Templars wake up from the trance and kill her. The rest of the movie follows the efforts by the victim’s boyfriend and girlfriend to find out what happened…

“Hand in hand with the cool characters and creepy setting is the soundtrack, which chimes in and out at all the right times. As the Templars emerge from their graves, one can hear the sound of rolling thunder and fire; sounds from hell that drown out the screams and torment going on below.” Oh, the Horror!

“The undead creatures genuinely do look like decaying corpses, as they stalk through the broken ruins of their once thriving city, on the hunt for flesh. Lifeless would be the most accurate description of their appearance, and their quiet persistence when tracking down their prey is creepy to say the least.” The Lucid Nightmare

Tombs of the Blind Dead

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