NAIL GUN MASSACRE (1985) Reviews and overview

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‘It’s cheaper than a chainsaw’

Nail Gun Massacre – also known as Texas Nailgun Massacre – is a 1985 American revenge/slasher feature film directed by Terry Lofton and Bill Leslie.

A remake is being produced for release in 2018.


A young woman is carnally assaulted by a group of construction workers. Five months later, someone dresses up in army fatigue and a motorcycle helmet and sets out on a bloody rampage for revenge. While many locals are killed, the local doctor and sheriff set out to find the killer and unmask him once and for all…


“Thanks to its impoverished budget and mushy, improv-heavy dialogue, this film is junky enough to make the original Toolbox Murders look genteel by comparison. The mystery killer offers much of the entertainment value, from his awkward weapon get-up to his pimp-style hearse and his relentless barrage of hokey one-liners.” Mondo Digital

The budget is low and the production values are poor, while the story is almost non-existent. It makes even the worst of the Friday the 13th films look like Forrest Gump, and even trash like the Slumber Party Massacre films don’t appear quite so shabby in comparison to it. But yet the movie is fun – it is a gory, ridiculous, implausible and hilarious thrill ride.” Horror Digital



“Packed with grisly violence, inane dialogue, stupid Freddy Kreuger-inspired wisecracks from the killer, dumb-as-a-brick characters, unprofessional actors with thick accents, and a wonderful Southern-fried charm which is hard to duplicate, Nail Gun Massacre is actually a little less enjoyable than it sounds […] But fans of silly 80s slasher films should find plenty to cheer about.” Casey Scott, DVD Drive-In

“Though the killings are bloody and some are creative, such as when one man has his crotch nailed after taking a leak and pissing on the killer, it’s all done very cheaply and with a bunch of non-pros pleading for their lives […] You have to love films like this for their sheer audacity in thinking audiences are as stupid as the characters in the film.” Fred Adelman, Critical Condition


Night School (Terror Eyes)

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