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ZombieChrist – aka Zombie Christ – is a 2010 American horror feature film written, directed, edited and produced by Bill Zebub (Dickshark; Night of the Pumpkin; et al).

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The movie stars Jessica Alexandra Green, Jordana Leigh, Taylor Trash, Kathy Rice, Julie Anne Hamolke, Adam Kuligowski, Ruby Larocca.

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In the US, druids reanimate the skeletal remains of Jesus Christ as a zombie that molests young women – including a nun – and sucks out their souls. Meanwhile, a couple of would-be saviours have religious and philosophical debates as the best way to overcome the power of the resurrected but now evil and depraved Son of God…



” …wall-to-wall female (full frontal and beyond) nudity, clever biblical quips, long-winded theological discussions, slow-motion kung fu, romance, and a chocolate syrup-covered skeleton wearing a crown of thorns. Unfortunately, there’s only enough material here for about 15-20 minutes, leaving over an hour of suicide-inducing dullness.” Bindy Sue Frønkünschtein


“The film’s website proclaims this is “The most controversial movie ever made” and while that might not be true it is pretty offensive on a number of levels …But if you’re meeting up with a group of friends to watch a movie and want to show the most ridiculous horror movie they’ll probably ever see then Zombie Christ is your film.” Bloody Good Horror

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“It is a film hoping to get by on outrage value alone. There is no discernible plot to anything that happens, just a random series of scenes where the Zombie Christ (a near immobile puppet) attacks and is said to devour various women (always in a state of undress). The acting by all involved (all non-professionals) is fairly terrible.” Moria

Fun Facts:

This film is not the same as The Zombie Christ (2012), a bigger-budgeted action/comedy/horror film.

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