ZombieChrist – USA, 2010

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ZombieChrist – aka Zombie Christ – is a 2010 American horror feature film written, directed, edited and produced by Bill Zebub (Dickshark; Night of the Pumpkin; et al).

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The movie stars Jessica Alexandra Green, Jordana Leigh, Taylor Trash, Kathy Rice, Julie Anne Hamolke, Adam Kuligowski, Ruby Larocca.

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This film is not the same as The Zombie Christ (2012), a bigger-budgeted action/comedy/horror film.

In the US, druids reanimate the skeletal remains of Jesus Christ as a zombie that molests young women – including a nun – and sucks out their souls. Meanwhile, a couple of would-be saviours have religious and philosophical debates as the best way to overcome the power of the resurrected but now evil and depraved Son of God…

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“In this heart-warming fable, the druids have resurrected the zombified, skeletal remains of Jesus in order to bring in the new age. Of course, this requires wall-to-wall female (full frontal and beyond) nudity, clever biblical quips, long-winded theological discussions, slow-motion kung fu, romance, and a chocolate syrup-covered skeleton wearing a crown of thorns. Unfortunately, there’s only enough material here for about 15-20 minutes, leaving over an hour of suicide-inducing dullness.” Bindy Sue FrønkünschteinAmazon.com


“The film’s website proclaims this is “The most controversial movie ever made” and while that might not be true it is pretty offensive on a number of levels …But if you’re meeting up with a group of friends to watch a movie and want to show the most ridiculous horror movie they’ll probably ever see then Zombie Christ is your film. Oh and if you’re into tattooed women getting nude then this is the film for you also as long as you don’t mind watching them be violated by a skeleton.” Bloody Good Horror

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  1. Wow, having read this and not even being strongly religious; I kinda feel like I’m going to Hell now for looking at it.

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