OVERHILL (2013) Overview



Overhill is a 2013 British micro-budget – just £600 – horror film directed and edited by Will Hutchinson from a screenplay by Leo Whetter. It stars Lorna Beckett and Merryn Owen.

The film has its world premiere during the East End Film Festival at the Genesis Cinema in London on June 27th, 2013.

It is described by the festival organisers as “A taut, impressive  debut that mixes social realism with a hint of Straw Dogs.”

Londoner, Rebecca, is on her way to get her novel finished. She’s been working on it for months but she just can’t get it done. She wants seclusion, remoteness and isolation so she books a few weeks at Overhill house in the Cornish village of Pendeen. After one day she finds that the locals know her name, where she’s staying and what she’s doing there. She just wants to finish her book in peace. They’ve got other ideas…