LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS (2014) Reviews and overview



‘A horror icon is reborn’

Leprechaun: Origins is a 2014 American horror film directed by Zach Lipovsky, written by Matt Venne and Harris Wilkinson and starring Dylan Postl, best known as WWE wrestler Hornswaggle along with Stephanie Bennett, Teach Grant, Bruce Blain and Adam Boys.

It is a reboot and the seventh overall film in the Leprechaun film series.


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“The tone of the film requires that you invest in Hornswoggle’s Leprechaun so completely as to be terrified of it, yet the monster – what we do see of it – is never able to look like anything other than a Halloween mask with some goop on it.” IGN


“WWE star Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl, a little person wrestler, doesn’t deliver any witty quips. Instead, he’s a disgustingly feral creature, looking like a reject from the Alien or Predator films, whose sole utterances are savage grunts and shrieks … The violent mayhem is strictly of the perfunctory variety…” The Hollywood Reporter

Leprechaun Origins

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“What really kills the movie, though, is that the filmmakers completely dehumanized Leprechaun. It removed all of the fun, witty charm of the original franchise, and instead turned it into a bleak, dark, and boring horror movie. WWE has proven without a shadow of a doubt that they don’t understand the horror genre.” Shock Till You Drop

Cast and characters:

  • Dylan Postl … The Leprechaun (as Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postl)
  • Stephanie Bennett … Sophie – iZombie; Supernatural TV series
  • Andrew Dunbar … Ben – Supernatural TV series; Alien Trespass
  • Melissa Roxburgh … Jeni – Sorority Murder;  Supernatural TV series
  • Brendan Fletcher … David – Open 24 HoursiZombie;  R.L. Stine’s The Haunting HourBloodRayne: The Third Reich; Alone in the Dark; Ginger Snaps 2Freddy vs. Jason;
  • Garry Chalk … Hamish
  • Teach Grant … Sean
  • Bruce Blain … Ian
  • Mary Black … Mary
  • Emilie Ullerup … Catherine
  • Adam Boys … Francois
  • Gary Peterman … Irish Farmer

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