The Dark Shadows Cookbook

dark shadows cookbook

The Dark Shadows Cookbook was published in 1970 by Ace Books to accompany Dan Curtis’ hit American TV horror soap opera series. Unlike Cooking Price-Wise with Vincent Price, which made sense given the genre icon’s status as a culinary expert and his British TV cookery show, the Dark Shadows Cookbook was simply an odd tie-in publication. It now sells online for for over $150

Compiled by Jody Cameron Malis, the cover blurb boasted the delights of “Barnabas’s Beastly Beverages, Quentin’s Ghoulish Goulash, plus more than 150 unusual recipes, and including 65 complete menus: exotic beverages: and a “how to in the kitchen” section… if you like Dark Shadows, you can eat like they did on the TV show.”

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