She Wolf (2013) reviews and overview

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She Wolf – original title: Mujer lobo – is a 2013 Argentinian erotic horror feature film directed by Tamae Garateguy from a screenplay by Diego Fleischer based on her storyline. The movie stars Luján Ariza, César Bordón, Hernán Bustos, Edgardo Castro, Germán Da Silva, Miguel Forza de Paul.


She Wolf is a serial killer who traps her men in the subway in Buenos Aires. She seduces, has sex with them and kills them. But one of those men is a police officer who is investigating her crimes.

Running away from him She Wolf meets a dealer with whom she stars a relationship. This romance unravels a war between her three personalities: the monster woman, the sensual woman and the human woman who can still love…


‘For the action sequences, the camera is energetic and dazzling, and it truly captures and conveys the characters’ pulse and sensations. At nerve-wracking speed, it follows them wherever they go, and so a sense of sparkling spectacle is achieved. Let alone the intensely sexual and erotic scenes that are never gratuitous. Instead, they provide the raw power Mujer lobo is endowed with.’ Buenos Aires Herald


“Black-and-white exterior shots emulate Truffaut’s cinéma vérité “city life” visuals, but once we hit the interiors, it’s all Herschell Gordon Lewis: very static scenes, stilted dialogue, and plenty of boobs and blood.’ Denver Film Society


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