NAILBITER (2012) Reviews and overview



‘Fear will surface’

Nailbiter is a 2012 American supernatural horror film directed by Patrick Rea from a screenplay co-written with Kendall Sinn.

The movie was first released onto DVD in Japan on January 25, 2013 and received its American debut on April 5, 2013 at the Phoenix Film Festival. Director Rea apparently intends to make Nailbiter 2.



Janet (Erin McGrane) and her children are on the way to the airport to pick up their father (Aaron Laue) when they are forced to take shelter from a tornado that is ravaging the area.


They manage to find a storm shelter outside of a seemingly abandoned house, only for the group to become trapped by a fallen tree that prevents them from leaving the storm shelter.



Things are made worse when they discover that they’re not alone in the house or storm shelter and the group is attacked by a monstrous creature…





“There’s some decent potential here for a mini horror saga. Nailbiter is sharp and deadly all in all, and despite its unresolved portions and imperfections, you’re left on a good note with a different monster movie than your standard R-rated fare.” John Marrone, Bloody Disgusting

” … really impressed with the flow of the story, the reasons behind the ladies being held captive, and the way everything plays out. And while the movie certainly leaves itself open for a sequel (hell, it practically feels like Part 1 of a two-part story), it was refreshing to watch a non-sequel, mostly original horror film that wasn’t afraid to get a little kooky sometimes.” Ain’t It Cool News


” … a surprisingly good little movie, that took us places that we didn’t expect it to. Is it about a killer tornado, or is it about some creepy shit in a cellar? Yes. No matter what the plot is truly about, Nailbiter delivers some pretty tension-filled scenes and some awesome shots. One thing we really loved about this movie is the way that it ends; it really makes us curious to see a sequel.” The Horror Club

Nailbiter is a satisfying and enjoyable thriller/horror that makes the most of what it has and builds an interesting mythology around a simple, scary idea that plays against expectations in a fresh way.” Flay Otters,



“An independent gem definitely worth checking out, you’re in store for a real treat when it comes to an old genre resurrected with a brand new twist.” Dave Gammon,

“A family caught in a storm cellar while pursued by mysterious creatures should inspire fear, panic, paranoia, and claustrophobia. Instead, Nailbiter inspires yawns, heavy eyelids, and a feeling that the time would have been better spent watching something else entirely.” Culture Crypt

Cast and characters:

  • Emily Boresow as Alice Maguire
  • Meg Saricks as Jennifer Maguire
  • Erin McGrane as Janet Maguire
  • Joicie Appell as Mrs. Shurman
  • Michelle Davidson as Dina
  • Ian Dempsey as Sean
  • Ben Jeffrey as Deputy Carr
  • Aaron Laue as Lt. Maguire
  • Allen Lowman as Tom
  • Zane Martin as Little monster
  • Mark Ridgway as Sheriff
  • John D. Barnes as Townsperson
  • Jason Coffman as Creature
  • Tom Conroy as Bartender
  • Anita Cordell as Traveler at airport

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