GHOST EYES (1974) Reviews and overview



Ghost Eyes – original title: 鬼眼 or Gui yan or Gwai Aan – is a 1974 Hong Hong supernatural horror film directed by Chih-Hung Kuei (The Killer SnakesHex; Corpse Mania; The Boxer’s Omen) from a screenplay by Yun-wen Chen and Kuang Ni (Human LanternsThe Nine Demons) for Shaw Brothers.

The movie stars Szu-Chia Chen, Wei Szu, Wei Tu Lin, Ping Ha, Ching Ho Wang, Mei Hua Chen, Ko Ai Chiang and Li-ju Chang.



“The photography is striking, right from the opening credits wherein the camera slowly pulls back from a cackling green skull with glowing eyes. Hong Kong becomes a neon-lit hell on Earth from whence there is no escape. The film has some chilling sequences, including the unmasking of Shi as a rotting ghoul with a grotesque waggling tongue (his jaunty whistle sends genuine shivers down the spine), but too often uses the supernatural to gloss over some plot holes.” The Spinning Image


“As if to make up for this decided lack in obvious thrills, Gwai provides his film with a visual surface that is glossy and intensely coloured like a comic (or a giallo), and a narrative tone as high-strung as a horror manga by Kazuo Umezu that permanently threatens to spill over into the outright hysteria of the films shock sequences.” The Horror!?

ghost eyes

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