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‘They were dying to get away for the weekend’

Gore, Quebec is a 2014 Canadian found footage slasher horror film directed by Jean Benoit Lauzon from a screenplay by lead actor Rick Mele.


A voiceover announces that the following footage was recovered from the camera of Dave Reynolds, who, in 2011, had left Ontario to spend a weekend in his parents’ cottage in Gore, Quebec with his brother Sean, and their friends.

When Sean and Dave reach the cottage, they find a note informing them that the alarm was tripped a week ago, but that there were no signs of vandalism or theft. A few hours into the group’s partying, Katie stumbles into the cottage bleeding, followed by a man who attacks the others, and turns Dave’s camera off…


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“The movie is as impoverished as they come, with a plot recycling just about every kids-in-the-woods horror trope known to man. And yet, that cheap charm is tempered by top notch craft and real, indie energy.” Fangoria

“For $7000, this is pure indie filmmaking at its best. There’s some great moments of horror, a couple of incredibly dark jokes, and an unsettling villain. It’s not perfect, but is still one of the better indie horror films out there, and should be seen not only for the success of the film, but the success of the filmmaker for bringing it all together.” Toronto Film Scene

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Cast and characters:

  • Myrthin Stagg as Amanda
  • Blake Mawson as Mike
  • Andy Malone as David Edward Reynolds
  • Kate Elyse Forrest as Katie Farrell
  • Luke Madigan as The Killer
  • Jean Benoit Lauzon as Brandon
  • Kurt Ogilvie as Sean Reynolds
  • Peri Greig as Stacey
  • Rick Mele as Colin
  • Rachel Atherstone as Erin
  • Rufus Crawford as Nick Gleason

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