OUR EVIL (2016) Reviews and overview



Our Evil – original title: Mal Nosso – is a Brazilian supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Samuel Cunha Galli. It stars Walderrama Dos Santos, Luara Pepita, Gabriela Grecco and Ademir Esteves.

Sao Paulo, Brazil: An exorcist (Ademir Esteves) uses the dark web to employ a serial killer (Ricardo Casella) to protect his daughter (Laura Pepita) from demonic possession…


Our Evil was released on DVD in the UK by Matchbox Films on 26 December 2017.

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Our Evil features gruesome gore sequences which hark back to the video nasties of the 1980s and the torture p*rn of the 2010s but never descend into gratuitousness. The oily, slimy, cleverly-designed demon creatures are supremely squirm-inducing, with stellar make-up effects work from Rodrigo Aragâo. This is a confident, technically ambitious picture…” Kim Newman, Screen Daily


Our Evil is an emotionally charged film featuring harrowing acts of violence. It covers a whole spectrum of emotions, styles and horror conventions, and yet manages to hold it all together. For all the sadness, it’s a film that aches with hope and values life, in all forms.” Benedict Seal, Bloody Disgusting

“In the end, as at the beginning, this is an allegory of the endless struggle between good and evil – and in finding justification for the very worst of acts, it offers viewers, as well as several of its characters, entry to an otherworldly moral stage where all valid tickets will be honoured, and all benign intentions rewarded.” Jonathan Hatfull, SciFi Now

“While the often brutal realism is undermined by the more outlandish and broader horror elements, it’s an impressive debut from the Brazilian director and one which lingers on the mind for quite some time.” Andrew Gaudion, The Hollywood News

“An imaginatively executed and ambitious revenge story chock full of shocks and surprises, Our Evil succeeds in putting Brazil back on the genre map, even if its narrative game is perhaps given up a little too early by Galli, who ultimately paves a pathway to a satisfying, albeit not wholly surprising, climax.” Becky Roberts, HorrorTalk

“Samuel Galli’s chilling and unconventionally structured film makes a bold move: it trusts the viewer’s intelligence. Right from the wordless opening sequences with their discreet soundtrack to the final visceral moments, there are some fierce and challenging ideas at work here.” Stuart Wright, Britflicks


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