CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2 (2011) Reviews and overview

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‘Evil is only skin deep’

ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 is a 2011 American slasher horror feature film directed by Robert Hall (Fear Clinic) from a screenplay co-written with Kevin Bocarde. It is the sequel to Hall’s 2009 movie Laid to Rest. The movie stars Brian Austin Green, Thomas Dekker and Mimi Michaels.


Tommy (Dekker), who’s struggling with vivid memories of his encounter with the masked killer, has been abducted by Preston (Green), who harbours a mysterious connection to ChromeSkull.

Meanwhile, the technologically savvy slasher, who videotapes his victims as he’s killing them, has set his sights on Jess (Michaels). After the young girl disappears, Detective King (Yeoman) races against time to find her and Tommy before it’s too late and try to put an end to Chromeskull’s blood-soaked legacy…

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Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 is absolutely ludicrous, and Robert Hall knows it. It’s also a lot of fun because Robert Hall knows it; it’s extremely gory and inventive in terms of its butchery which will please some. There are a handful of really fun death scenes in this follow up, and while I’m not certain I can say it’s more creative than the first, I can say it’s on par.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“I won’t call this a complete waste of time, but it’s not a film I’d rush out to see ever again. A lot better than the original, Laid to Rest 2 isn’t a wasted effort as it at least tries to portray likable characters and a compelling villain. In the end it’s not reinventing the wheel, or changing the genre, but at least it’s watchable.”Cinema Crazed

“The kills in the film are some of the most insane effects gags I’ve seen recently. The gore is fantastic, and makes for some wildly creative, and brutal scenes of carnage. One strange thing is this movie has a much slower pace than one would assume. There are a couple of kills early on, but the entire first half, possibly even two thirds of the film, are spent setting all the pieces in place for the final act.” Bloody Disgusting

“Aside from one or two new and also minor hiccups, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 fixes all of my issues with the first film and manages to create enough back story and mythology for Chromey that I’m interested in learning more about the world instead of just waiting for someone to get their head sawed off.”

“The villain in is credible, but somewhat without back story, which is the primary beef with the film and the primary reason that this one will not likely go on to 10 sequels. The longest standing villains also have development… it doesn’t excuse what they do, but at least we understand them better […] Chromeskull makes some attempts, but he’s no Jason.” Horrorfreak News

“The acting was immensely better in the sequel. The stand out actor was Owain Yeoman (The Mentalist, Elf, Kitchen Confidential) who plays the well-rounded and charismatic Detective King. Unfortunately, ChromeSkull still has issues in terms of plot.” Daily Dead

“Moderate gore, some blood, very quick female nudity, Danielle Harris completely wasted, low budget, needlessly confusing story, crappy looking sets, text messages, dumb ending and worst of all Chromeskull still looks dumb as hell. Skip the f*ck out of this turkey.” Happyotter

“Overall I’d say it was a minor success. Fans of the original will probably be satisfied (if they can get past “David Silver” wearing the mask more than the real guy), and those who didn’t, like me, found this one to improve in several areas. I didn’t yell at my TV this time around, at any rate…” Horror Movie a Day

Cast and characters:

  • Brian Austin Green as Preston
  • Thomas Dekker as Tommy
  • Mimi Michaels as Jessica Cannon
  • Owain Yeoman as Detective King
  • Danielle Harris as Spann
  • Gail O’Grady as Nancy Cannon
  • Johnathon Schaech as Agent Sells
  • Nick Principe as ChromeSkull / Jesse Cromeans
  • Christopher Allen Nelson as Detective Max
  • Angelina Armani as Detective Holland
  • Brett Wagner as Detective Tiny
  • Allison Kyler as The Girl/Princess Gemstone
  • Aimee-Lynn Chadwick as Allie
  • Chris Cornel as Detective Trost
  • Camden Toy as Doctor Kerr
  • Jade Ramsey/Nikita Ramsey as Laurie
  • Steve Rizzo as Officer Knight
  • Ky Evans as Officer Fraser
  • Alex Jovica as Officer Cochern
  • Brianne Davis as Mrs. Cromeans
  • Julia Lea Wolov as Female FBI Agent

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