GOATSUCKER (2009) Reviews and overview


GoatSucker is a 2009 American horror film written, co-produced and directed by Steve Hudgins (It Lives in the Attic; The Caretakers; Spirit Stalkers; Hell Is Full; et al). The Big Biting Pig Production stars Randy Hardesty, Kim Welsh and Neil Vowels.

Capitalizing on a rash of sightings of the legendary creature called El Chupacabra, Spanish for The GoatSucker, a touristy hiking company creates a GoatSucker hiking tour.

The pleasant hike turns into a nightmare when disturbing events cause the group to suspect that The GoatSucker may be more than just a legend…

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“It features some pretty decent FX for a micro budget picture, some moments of humor, and a twist ending that’s very inventive and one that you would never guess was coming.” Horror Society

“Steve Hudgins has a way of telling a story that at the very start may seem pretty cookie cutter but don’t let the looks fool you, things seem to always be going on beneath the surface that comes out to shock you as the movie moves along. Also once again I must admit the acting impressed me greatly.” Chuck Conry, Zombies Don’t Run

“So, unusual lore and cast having a blast but low budget issues all the way through. However this wasn’t the worst way I have spent 85 minutes.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

“I can see some horror people out there telling me I am too hard on this movie, and they will find some elements they get into. There are a few scenes that made me laugh. Steve used the less is more Sam Raimi theory with the actual Goatsucker. The horror is more what you don’t see, then what you do see.” Horrorphilia

Goatsucker is a movie filled with twists and turns that make it a movie that will keep you glued to your seat. Steve Hudgins has put together a movie here that not only lives up to the chupacabra mythos, but manages to surpass it…” Rogue Cinema

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” …even with the subpar acting it’s still fun to watch and probably one of my new guilty pleasures. The production is low and limited on this film and you can tell but it doesn’t slow it down one bit. Steve Hudgins tells great stories…” Geek Tyrant

Main cast:

  • Randy Hardesty … Wayne – Frances Stein; The Caretakers; lucid.; Spirit Stalkers; et al
  • Kim Welsh … Heidi – Widow
  • Neil Vowels – Eugene – It Lives in the AtticFrances Stein; The Caretakers; Spirit Stalkers; The Creepy Doll; et al
  • Emily Fitzmaurice … Rhonda
  • Marsha Cash … Pam – Hell Is Full; The Third Floor
  • Brandon Schaefer … Alan
  • Steve Hudgins … Huck
  • Amanda Stone … Cassy
  • Jack Jones … Brad
  • Tom Dolan … Mr. Walters
  • Logan Nance … Marvin
  • Elaine Ruff … Scientist
  • Megan Jones … Margaret

Filming locations:


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