WITHIN THE DARKNESS (2012) Reviews and overview

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‘Be careful what you wish for…’

Within the Darkness is a 2012 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Jonathan Zuck from a screenplay co-written by Cheryl Compton. The Gentoo Films production stars John C. Bailey, Erin Cline, Cheyenne Phillips, and Tonya Kay.


A down-on-their-luck group of friends with aspirations of fame and fortune in the “ghost hunting” business stumble upon the real deal.

Shooting footage for the TV series ‘The Paranormal Dimension’, Austin, Lucy and Bruce are not prepared for what awaits them in the Hewitt House. A long dead, evil spirit is more than happy to give them what they seek – the scare of a lifetime…


“There’s quite literally 0% horror to be found here. They tried, they failed, and Within the Darkness reads more like the Chris Hansen of Paranormal Investigators than it resembles anything scary. I blame it all on lack of atmosphere. From the start, this film from director Jonathan Zuck never felt like anything scary or anything that was going to try and become scary.” Horror Society

“Dopey fake scares dominate the movie, even at the point where it really should be delivering the real thing, and characters look like a low-rent take on The Joker when possessed. A double twist ending negates the whole thing, making it resemble a shaggy dog Children’s Foundation horror film from the 1970s.” Horrorscreams Videovault

” …by putting more focus than usual on its well fleshed out characters gives the film an extra level of depth, and well-set shocks, atmospheric filmmaking, and even bits of comedy make this a rather cool genre piece…” Search My Trash

” …a fun horror that never takes itself too seriously, the fact that it decided to pull a late twist that actually surprised was entertaining, and the way it handles the interactions between characters meant you had a variety of flawed humans who nonetheless never became irritating.” The Rotting Zombie

Cast and characters:

  • John C. Bailey … Bruce
  • Erin Cline … Lucy
  • Dave Coyne … Austin
  • Kaitlyn J. Dye … Spirit
  • Shanna Forrestall … Megan
  • Annette Harper … Nevet
  • Tonya Kay … Jesse
  • Jennifer Osborn … Anna Hewitt
  • Cheyenne Phillips … Actress
  • Jill Redding … Dora
  • Laura Thompson … Ghost Spotters Host

Filming locations:

  • McHenry, Maryland
  • Washington, District of Columbia


Within the Darkness was released on digital VOD by Indican Pictures on April 3, 2018.

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