THE EXORCISM OF KAREN WALKER (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘Evil is revealed’

The Exorcism of Karen Walker is a 2018 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Steve Lawson (Hellriser; KillerSaurus; Nocturnal Activity), based on a storyline by co-producer Jonathan Sothcott (Eat Locals; Fanged UpStrippers vs. Werewolves; et al).

The Hereford Films production stars Shane Taylor, Rula Lenska, Denise Moreno and Janine Nerissa Sothcott (Nemesis).


Mitch Walker and his pregnant wife Denise look to start a new life in the home he has inherited from his late uncle; a decision resented by his mother, who is convinced that no good can come from a house that harbours such a dark history.

In her childhood, Mitch’s sister Karen suffered a horrifying trauma inside the house that changed her life forever, causing her to be institutionalised in a near-catatonic state. With the blame placed on her uncle, the family was never the same again.

In a bid to heal the wounds of the past, Mitch brings Karen home but soon discovers that her condition is the result of an evil force that has possessed her for most of her life.

Working with local clairvoyant Ada (Rula Lenska), Mitch is thrust into battle with a terrifying demonic presence. Facing insurmountable odds, he must uncover the truth buried within the house and find the key – an old camera designed for Kirlian photography (the practice of capturing a subject’s ‘aura’) – that may save his sister’s life…


“The actual ‘aura’ schtick is somewhat underused and largely incidental to what is, rather, a commendably solid tale of demonic possession – bolstered by a great turn from Lenska as a psychic trying to dispel the evil presence […] Moreno is particularly creepy as the sister.” British Horror Revival

“There is a lot of talking in the movie, but the final exorcism sequence builds some tension, and Denise Moreno is quite creepy as the disturbed, possessed Karen. The real star here is Lenska, who has to carry the narrative of the film and makes it a classier production as a result, despite her awful American accent.” Dark Eyes of London

“Due to a prolonged set-up and obvious framing of a couple of characters, the obligatory twist is signposted five minutes before the pay-off […] Though clocking in at a lean 80 minutes, with a few more creepy dialogue-free shots in place of the seemingly endless exposition, this could have really taken off instead of taxiing along the suspense runway.” On: Yorkshire

” …while the film might not re-invent the genre as such, it deals out shocks and suspense masterfully and is really as creepy as they come, thanks to a directorial effort that’s effective by relying on atmosphere rather than spectacle, and a solid cast, all more than capable to carry the thing rather beautifully.” Search My Trash


Hereford Films CEO Jonathan Sothcott commented: “We are incredibly proud of Aura; it’s a terrific horror movie and we believe it will give us the momentum to become a major player in the genre.

I don’t believe there has ever been a horror story brought to the screen that revolves around Kirlian photography, so what we have is a truly unique concept, and one that I’ve wanted to turn into a movie for years.

It’s certainly a rare feat to find something that’s never been done before, especially in horror, and I’m very pleased to present Aura this summer. It delivers, and we’re already working on a sequel.”

In the UK, Aura was released digitally on November 8, 2018, by 4Digital Media. Meanwhile, the film is available via VOD in the USA.

Cast and characters:

Shane Taylor … Mitch – Devil’s PlaygroundThe Day of the Triffids TV mini-series
Rula Lenska … Ada – Inside No. 9 TV series; Son of Nosferatu short; Doctor Who; Queen Kong
Denise Moreno … Karen
Janine Nerissa Sothcott … Diane
Jay Sutherland … Simms
Steven Dolton … Uncle Alexander – Hellriser; The Curse of Robert; KillerSaurus; Nocturnal Activity; Zombie Undead
Jane MacFarlane … Elaine
Freya Green … Young Karen

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