THE DEAD HOUSE aka BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (2013) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t open the door’

The Dead House – aka Dead House and original title Beautiful People – is a 2013 Italian home invasion horror feature film directed by Amerigo Brini from a screenplay by Andrea Cavaletto (Poe 4: The Black Cat; Doll Syndrome; Hidden in the Woods). The Doghouse Picture production stars Danny Cutler, David White, Kate Marie Davies and Andrea Pascali.

The tables are turned on a group of brutal thieves during a home invasion. Hidden in the basement they find the remains of secret viral lab experiments gone savagely wrong.

Now they must escape before they are infected with a new strain of virus that turns its victims into mutated psychopaths…


With its quick 70 minute running time, fast paced action and rough dialogue, it all works. The performances are mostly solid, and the practical monster/ blood and gore effects are as good as any European film in the genre […] There are some slightly idiotic plot points and poor decisions that get made, and no one really redeems themselves by the end.” Adam the Movie God


“As it stands, Beautiful People is quite unique, and in an era of unnecessary remakes and endless takes on zombies – that’s commendable. The subject matter ain’t for everyone (some of you will be offended by it), but it’s well worth a watch for those of you with iron clad stomachs and open minds.” HNN

Beautiful People may be uneven, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. This is not a traditional zombie flick. In fact, I urge you to think twice if you are easily offended. The home invasion aspect of the film is particularly brutal and intense.” Luke Rodriguez, Modern Horrors


“As it is, this film offers lots of psychological torture, without the introduction of virtue. So, this viewer began to feel dread as each scene led to more and more brutality. It would have been better to have had some light at the end of the tunnel. In the end, Beautiful People offers lots of great make-up effects, but very little hope to overcome so much evil.” Michael Allen, 28 Days Later Analysis

Cast and characters:

  • Danny Cutler … Nibbio
  • Alex Lucchesi … Testamento
  • Alex Southern … Brett
  • Kate Marie Davies … Elena Pontecorvo
  • David White … John Pontecorvo
  • James Wiles … Paul Pontecorvo
  • Vanina Marini … Anna Hicks
  • Alexandra Antonioli … Sara Hicks
  • Ettore Nicoletti … Luca Hicks

Filming locations:

Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Villa Adriana, Tivoli, Rome, Lazio, Italy

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