Sabrina – Indonesia, 2018

‘The next terror in The Doll series’

Sabrina is a 2018 Indonesian supernatural horror film produced and directed by Rocky Soraya (Mata Batin; producer of Tarot; Rumah Gurita) from a screenplay by Riheam Junianti and Fajar Umbara, based on Soraya’s storyline.

An offshoot of the producer-director’s The Doll franchise, the Hitmaker Studios production stars Luna Maya, Christian Sugiono, Sara Wijayanto and Jeremy Thomas.


Maira lives happily with Aiden, a doll maker and toy company owner. But Vanya, their adopted daughter and Aiden’s niece, is still dealing with the loss of her birth mother.

After Vanya plays Charlie’s Pencil to summon her late mother, strange things begin to happen. Maira is terrorised by the Sabrina doll. What is happening with the doll and what does it want?


“… it suffers massively from the “we just have to include this scene”-syndrome. Often, this is due to wanting certain effects included and not to have elements of the story elaborated. The latter is something I can easily forgive. In fact, the more heartfelt moments of the movie is what works the best. That’s when the story shines and you get involved with the characters and care about their wellbeing. ” Karina Adelgaard, Heaven of Horror

“…for the third chapter in a “Universe” this doesn’t disappoint. Overall Sabrina does give us a new view of how a different culture will deal with the possession of a family. It has good horror moments that will give you a jump, it has the creepiest doll you have ever seen, and it will wisely tell you never to play internet crazes like Charlie Charlie.” Darren Lucas, Ready Steady Cut!

” …there’s certainly promise here but its squandered by deviating from the main path it promises early on into mediocre, lacklustre waters. An abundance of poor acting certainly does nothing to help the credibility of the film either and despite some pretty slick camera work, Sabrina fails to inspire the enthusiasm and charm it so easily could have conjured with a more focused script.” Greg Wheeler, The Review Geek


Sabrina was released in Indonesia on 12 July 2018.

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