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‘Find your safe space…’

Triggered is a 2018 American comedy slasher horror feature film written, produced and directed by Chris Moore (The House of Covered MirrorsBlessed Are the Children). The CWM Entertainment movie stars Meredith Mohler, Jesse Dalton, Sam Furman. Genre icon Amanda Wyss has a cameo role.


Callee Bishop (Meredith Mohler) has a lot of issues. Besides the fact that her town is full of brain dead bigots, there’s a serial killer on the loose and, now, no one is taking her problems seriously. With the help of her friend, Ian, Callee devises a plan to get the attention back on her and her issues by faking an attack from the killer.

Callee’s plan backfires when the real killer sets their sights on the two friends in an effort to make them the victims they’ve been claiming to be. How can Callee and Ian find their way out of their web of lies before the killer claims them as yet another one of their many victims?

Writer-director Chris Moore has commented: “I got the idea for Triggered after a friend sent me an article about some students getting up in arms about the sushi in their school cafeteria being ‘cultural appropriation.’ I just found that incredibly funny, and figured it was time to address this trend of people eating their own and coming after well-meaning people and allies. I wanted to figure out what goes on in the head of someone like that.”

Triggered is currently on the festival circuit and will be released in 2019.

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“Chris Moore continues to develop as a filmmaker, once again taking the structure of a traditional slasher and turning it into something slightly different. Driven by an intelligent script and strong performances from the talented cast, Triggered is a dark horror comedy, which tries to challenge the audience…” Philip Rogers, Blazing Minds

“The movie is brilliantly written, beautifully shot, and had two lead actors that are ones to be on the lookout for, hence my nearly perfect rating! This deserves to become a cult classic, along the lines of Heathers or Clueless.” The Final Gay Boy

Triggered is a low-budget Jawbreaker (set in Mississippi instead of Los Angeles) meets I Know What You Did Last Summer if it were directed by John Waters and Herschell Gordon Lewis. It calls back to a lot of the great micro-budget slasher films of the ’80s, with its over the top gore and zippy humor.” 1428 Elm


While heavy on respect to horror’s past, Moore’s film is very topical, funny, and has some killer one-liners […] Moore shows a ton of promise and he’s definitely a person to look out for in the horror community. The writing is funny and topical, and the cast is really good especially Mohler and Dalton, who deliver standout performances.” Geeks of Doom

Triggered is the tongue in cheek horror film that delivers on the horror while poking fun at the people who think they are changing the world when all they are really doing is turning people off to their cause. The current political climate needed a movie like this and is essential viewing for any indie horror fan in 2018. This clever film will not disappoint…” Horror Society

“The movie is a relevant commentary on some people’s hyper-sensitivity to social issues. On the other hand, it also shows what certain individuals go through just to be accepted or feel special. There’s really a lot for you to think over and digest after viewing this movie.” Indie Horror Online

“The film succeeds largely because of its strongly written characters and ability to find razor sharp humor in its biting social commentary. Moore is a filmmaker who knows his voice and has a clear vision with the ability to see both successfully realized and carried through […] a highly entertaining film.” Jason McFiggins, Morbidly Beautiful

Triggered is well-acted and filmed. I especially liked a brief split-screen dialogue ala Brian De Palma. The version I watched, however, could stand to get streamlined by about 15 minutes, and some of the actors look a tad older than high school students.” Matthew L. Furman, Pop Horror

” …the film is fueled by plenty of dark humour (which come to think of it is another similarity with Heathers I can totally live with). And thanks to a cleverly written script, a tight directorial effort and a solid cast, Triggered comes across as a genre entry that’s very entertaining in its own right and will strike a chord with horror fans for sure!” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

  • Meredith Mohler … Callee Bishop – And Then There Was Blood
  • Jesse Dalton … Ian Falwell
  • Sam Furman … Zac Cox
  • Keni Bounds … Beverly Bishop
  • Arian Thigpen … Megan Carpenter
  • Caitlyn Driscoll … Lisa Lyon
  • Amanda Wyss … Gloria Fielding – Big Legend; The Sandman; The Hatred; The Id; A Nightmare on Elm Street; et al
  • Alberto Meza … Dane Rodgers
  • Kirsty Hatfield … Jordan Parkins
  • Holly Bonney … Becca Martin
  • Isabella Alberti … Camille Irving
  • Jordan Boyd … Daniel in TV Movie
  • Hope Prybylski … Madison Mancini
  • Kaley Ball … Nurse
  • Cheryl Abernathy … Judy Bridges

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