NO ESCAPE ROOM (2018) Reviews and overview

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No Escape Room is a 2018 American paranormal horror feature film directed by Alex Merkin (House of the Witch) from a screenplay written by Jesse Mittelstad. The movie stars Mark Ghanimé, Jeni Ross, Brianna Barnes, Hamza Haq and Dennis Andres.


When a single father Michael (Mark Ghanimé) stumbles across an escape room attraction built into an old manor, he reckons it’s the perfect activity to help him bond with his teenage daughter Karen (Jeni Ross). Grouped with two escape room veterans, they find themselves solving elaborate puzzles in the antiquated setting.

The group’s initial fun quickly turns to anxiety, and from anxiety to outright fear as they realise that nothing is what it seems and they’re no longer playing a simple game. A supernatural spirit is out for vengeance, and determined to claim their lives as penance for its tortured past. Will they be able to escape in time or will their souls be trapped forever?


” …despite its low budget and made-for-TV feel, the movie is very entertaining and keeps you guessing throughout. This is a rather enjoyable combination of mystery-puzzle filmmaking and horror, which is mostly psychological with only a few moments of gore and violence scattered throughout.” Horror World & Reviews

“Some scenes felt pasted in as an afterthought to throw shade onto one of the group. Instead, it highlighted a lack of creativity to link the center story’s theme to something unique.”

“This film is a simple but often confusing popcorn flick and reviews are not that great if you do a read through. But I didn’t mind it at all. I’m happy to say that No Escape Room wasn’t awful…” Mother of Movies

No Escape Room was distributed by MarVista Entertainment and premiered on Syfy on October 6, 2018.