LEPRECHAUN 2 (1994) Reviews and overview

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‘The Gold, the Bride and The Ugly…’

Leprechaun 2 is a 1994 American supernatural comedy horror film directed by Rodman Flender (The Unborn; Idle Hands; Scream: The TV series) from a screenplay written by Turi Meyer (SleepStalker; Candyman: Day of the Dead; Wrong Turn 2) and Al Septien. It is also known as Leprechaun II and One Wedding and Lots of Funerals.

The movie stars Warwick Davis, Charlie Heath, Shevonne Durkin, Adam Biesk, Arturo Gil, Linda Hopkins, James Lancaster, Sandy Baron and Clint Howard.


On March 17, 994 A.D., The Leprechaun is a thousand years old and he can choose any woman to be his bride. He picks a young girl from the O’Day family. The Leprechaun captures, tortures and tells O’Day that he will marry his descendant in a thousand years time on St Patrick’s Day, before he kills him.

One thousand years later, St. Patrick’s Day 1994, in modern-day Los Angeles, the Leprechaun has found a petulant sixteen-year-old girl named Bridget Callum, a descendant of the O’Day bloodline…


Leprechaun 2 is a movie that’s fun for the moment, but it’s not the best kind of sequel there is. There’s nothing particular memorable about any part of it – the characters, the kills, the plot. It’s not hard to see why Leprechaun 2 was the last movie of the series to be released theatrically.” The Girl Who Loves Horror


“With aspects of the first film’s plot included but shoved to the background, a city setting with random plot points, and questionable choices of tone, Leprechaun 2 is an unnecessary and downright unenjoyable viewing experience.” Bloody Good Horror


“The movie is very silly, Warwick Davis plays the Leprechaun as a way more comedic character & while he has a certain intenseness to him, it’s hard to really be intimidated by him. His dialogue is very cheesy & always in rhyme. It’s very dumb but oddly entertaining.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“The rest of the film is pure gold (pardon the pun), with such wacky situations being played out as a drinking competition between the leprechaun and Uncle Morty, and Morty’s greediness getting the best of him, winding up with a pot of gold in his stomach.” Interrobang


“It is made with a B-budget competence but comes across as tatty. The Leprechaun makeup is not particularly convincing, although Warwick Davis at least plays with a good deal of gusto. However, the one-liners are excruciating – “It’s finger-lickin’ good,” says the leprechaun after ripping off a victim’s finger.” Moria

“The original leprechaun was never deeply dark, but this one is just giddy. He has more rhymes and laughs than before, but his presence isn’t nearly as interesting. Leprechaun 2 dives into tongue in cheek horror, and though it’s better made than the first Leprechaun, it’s only on the same entertainment level.” Oh, the Horror!


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“As dopey as the original, and with the same motivation (gold), but has none of the distinct characters. The acting takes a major step down, and the humor is already wearing thin.” Splatter Critic

Leprechaun 2 is a step up from the first film in terms of production design. It’s a lot slicker looking and actually feels like a real movie. I can’t really say it’s traditionally what we would call a “good” movie, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t have me in stitches.” The Video Vacuum


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