IT: Raining Blood Pennywise Liquid Reactive Umbrella

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The IT: Raining Blood Pennywise Liquid Reactive Umbrella is available to pre-order from Merchoid. The officially licensed polyester umbrella has “liquid reactive” technology that alters the design when it comes into contact with water, e.g., rain!

The likeness of Pennywise on the umbrella is based on Bill Skarsgard’s visage in IT (2017) and IT: Chapter Two (2019). As rain water hits, his face lights up blood red and streaks of blood also appear on the umbrella.

  • Changes colour and Reveals Blood Splatter When Wet
  • Compact Construction
  • Includes Sleeve
  • Wristlet Lanyard
  • Polyester
  • 9 inches x 2″ inches x 2 inches, Canopy 32 inches


IT – USA, 2017 – reviews

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