The Odds – USA, 2018

‘Some games aren’t fair’

The Odds is a 2018 American horror feature film written and directed by Bob Giordano (Gates of Flesh). The Uproar Pictures production stars Abbi Butler, James J. Fuertes and Katie Gunn.


The Odds will be available on VOD, HD Digital Download and DVD on June 4, 2019, courtesy of 4Digital Media


A young woman (Abbi Butler) enters a warehouse type facility and sits at a table.

A man (James J. Fuertes) enters and sits at the table opposite her.


We learn that she has entered a game and that the man is the facilitator of a game. She is competing against unseen players in distant locations, the winner to receive one million dollars. To win, she must have a high threshold for pain.

The facilitator is in communication with the game leaders through a Bluetooth earpiece.

Once three players drop out each round is over. The final round involves a game of Russian roulette, and once you reach that round there is no backing out…


“It would be easy to become bored with a 107-minute movie featuring just two characters, but that isn’t the case here. The script is well-written and builds tension throughout, engaging the viewer and drawing them in with excellent performances from the two leads.” Larry Underwood, Dr. Gangrene’s Mad Mad Mad Blog


A film that will linger in your thoughts and perhaps touch your nerves a little too closely. The actors work the challenging material with impressive skill. The Odds is a film that should bring deserved attention for all involved in its creation.” Troy Guinn, The Naschycast Podcast


4Digital Media is releasing The Odds on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on June 4, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Abbi Butler … The Player – And Then It Goes Dark
  • James J. Fuertes … Game Master – Race with the Devil; Venom; Swamp Murders TV series
  • Katie Gunn … Little Girl
  • Les Parker … The Enforcer
  • Sean Ramey … Donavan the Thug

Technical details:

107 minutes | 2.35:1 | Dolby Digital


$250,000 (estimated)

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