AURORA (2018) Reviews and overview


‘The dead will find their way home.’

Aurora is a 2018 Filipino supernatural horror feature film directed by Yam Laranas (The Echo, The Road, Patient X). The movie stars Anne Curtis, Allan Paule, Mercedes Cabral and Marco Gumabao.


The passenger ship Aurora collides into a rocky shore, destroying the livelihood of an entire island – forcing Leana, the owner of a rundown inn, to work for the victim’s families by finding the missing bodies for a bounty; risking her sister’s life and her own from the dead that will come to shore and find shelter in their home…


“Aside from a concept that, on paper, is quite intriguing, Aurora only manages to have a few nice locations, a rather eerie soundtrack and some cool ghost/zombie makeup effects. Aside from that, just like the titular ship, this movie sinks deep and fails at almost everything it tried to achieve.” Horror World and Reviews

“The only novel angle to Aurora is that it involves a shipwreck and lots of underwater activity. But there’s a subplot involving why the tragedy occurred, and how it was covered up. Which brings that into line with standard plotting. And gives the ghosts a reason to be pissed off. It also means we get lots of abysmal CGI.” Voices from the Balcony


Aurora premiered at the Metro Manila Film Festival on 25 December 2018. It is currently available for streaming via Netflix

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