LITTLE HORROR MOVIE aka THE 16TH EPISODE (2018) Reviews and overview


‘How many views is your life worth?’
Little Horror Movie is a 2018 American horror feature film written and directed by Jérôme Cohen-Olivar (Kandisha). The Dark Island Pictures-Majick Films production stars Einar Kuusk, Rosine Young, Cody Heuer and Rebecca Ramon. Also known as The 16th Episode.

Three YouTubers, each with their own inner demons, visit the mythical town of Casablanca. With their viewing figures down, they get invited to attend a satanic ritual and soon realise that maybe all their audience wants is to see them die…

The 16th Episode is released by Gravitas Ventures in theaters, on Digital and VOD on June 28, 2019.

“It cuts between the camera footage of the on-screen cameraman and standard film shots […] Little Horror Movie is a small but solid horror film. With effective use of location and great chemistry with its tiny cast, you should seek it out.” City of Geek

“Aside from the thinly written characters, the problem may be that Little Horror Movie is all set up then pay off without any sense of mounting tension. It does not help matter the effects-heavy sections do tend to look on the cheap side, even by the standards of low budget horror movies.” Film Threat

” …we get a gabble of backstory about Helen’s childhood brush with demonic possession in between amped-up squabbles and infodumps relayed by characters telling what they experienced when the cameras were off.  Though it has a lot of FF business, including moments when characters draw attention to the way they’ve been framed and are acting, it’s not strict about camera POV and defaults to the usual objective cinematic syntax when it suits.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Bumpy and inconsistent, hemmed in by systematic constraints and limitations, The 16th Episode isn’t going to have a broad audience. But horror devotees should find something to cling to, and even with the warts and bruises, it has a solid hook and stays consistently watchable end to end.” The Last Thing I See

“The opening scene felt super out of place and so much of the story felt forced. I understand what they were going for but ultimately it didn’t work for me. If you’re a fan of first person POV and possession genres you might enjoy it but sadly for me, it fell flat.” Nightmarish Conjurings review

“This isn’t a horror-comedy, but its comedy […] does serve as character development. We see what could have been a one-dimensional relationship between the two grown men and it makes you realize that their constant arguing is just a trait of their underlying true friendship. Little Horror Movie stands out from the crowd…” Pop Horror


Cast and characters:
Einar Kuusk … Einar
Rosine Young … Mrs Frangier
Cody Heuer … Mark
Rebecca Ramon … Helen

Technical details:
93 minutes

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