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Hexing – aka Cursed and Ouija: The Insidious Evil – is a 2017 Irish-Indian-British horror feature film directed by Christophe Lenoir (Focus: A Gate Is Now Opened; Cellule 66) from a screenplay by Vikram Gupta and Vivek Singhania. The movie stars Dominique SwainKetan AnandEmma Eliza Regan and Adam Weafer.


Hexing had me at the mention of Dominique Swain who is always deliciously fun to watch. Ever since the remake of Lolita with Jeremy Irons, Swain has maintained the sexy kitten persona throughout her career. And once again it translates well.

In Ireland, Hannah (Emma Eliza Regan) is a quiet, unattached loner who enjoys working in a mediocre bakery alongside Alice (Swain) and Joe (Adam Weafer). While sleepily manoeuvring her day-to-day routine, Hannah accompanies her co-workers/friends to an antique store where she discovers a peculiar board resembling an Ouija set.

The board seems to attach its powers to Hannah immediately and the threesome decide to put it to work with several questions that unleash an evil entity.

As people from Hannah’s past reemerge along with some rather unpleasant locals (another sleazy, corrupt police officer well played by Conor Marren), the young workers quickly discover that the ancient occult tool they have been playing with takes on a demon possession from within those that hate Hannah.

As with any “rescue” movie, it becomes a race against time before the malevolent spirit overcomes all the hatred and moves onto the loved ones, namely Hannah’s father.

Hexing takes a while to develop, with some seemingly unnecessary scenes that do not move the storyline much along for the first thirty minutes, however, stick with it longer and the creepy self-afflicting kill scenes are well worth the watch.

Meredith Brown, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

Now while the premise of this movie might sound rather far-fetched even by horror standards, it’s actually written and structured solidly enough to bring the story across rather hitchlessly […] a stylish and atmospheric directorial effort…” Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

  • Dominique Swain … Alice
  • Ketan Anand … Horace Granger
  • Emma Eliza Regan … Hannah
  • Adam Weafer … Joe
  • Zeb Moore … David
  • Nigel Mercier … Rodney
  • Camille Solal … Madame Estelle
  • Alicia Gerrard … Sophie
  • Shane Robinson … Jake
  • Jan Graveson … Elizabeth
  • Zoe Corraface … Adele
  • Elaine Kennedy … Hannah’s Mom
  • Conor Marren … Eugene
  • Michael Parle … Antique Shop Owner
  • Claire Blennerhassett … Emma
  • Mike Fuller … Detective Rourke
  • Ligita Aleknaviciute … Woman in Love
  • David Buckley … Frank
  • Ciaran Concannon … Man in Café
  • Shaman Falvey Enfield … Man in Love
  • Jilal Gouram-Rollin … Kid in Antique Shop
  • Natalia Gradska … Woman in Cafe
  • Christophe Lenoir … Granger’s Friend
  • Ann Marie O’Connor … David’s Receptionist
  • Faye O’Donoghue … Little Hannah
  • Hugh O’Donoghue … Monkey Cap Guy
  • Gwen Pauls … Cafe Hunk
  • Nanda Yadav … Indian Princess

Filming locations:

  • Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
  • Mumbai, India
  • Paris, France

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