DRAGON KNIGHT (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘The battle for a kingdom has begun’

Dragon Kingdom is a 2018 British fantasy-adventure feature film about a group of warriors who must travel through the forbidden lands that call The Dark Kingdom their home.

Directed by Simon Wells (Carnivore: Werewolf of London; Knights of the Damned) from a screenplay written by Aston Benoit and Ben Loyd-Holmes, the movie stars Ross O’Hennessy, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Rebecca Dyson-Smith, Zara Phythian, Jessica-Jane Stafford, Jemma Moore and Mike Mitchell.


To save their Kingdom from the Dark Lord’s army of the undead, a mighty and courageous legion of warriors must travel through the forbidden lands fighting the fearsome fire breathing monsters of The Dark Kingdom, a land that swallows all who enter, in order to rescue their King.


” …knowing that Ross O’Hennessey (Lord of Bones from Game of Thrones) is in it is probably a good selling point […] Basically, if you miss that aforementioned show and want to watch a bunch of dragons, warrior women and monsters do battle, then Dragon Kingdom is pretty much what you’re looking for.” B & S About Movies

“Make no mistake, the special effects are really cool, it’s just not cool enough to make up for the flat storyline and plot. This is not to say the plot is bad, it just doesn’t hold up to the expectations of what a fan of Game of Thrones or Harry Potter is used to. If you are a huge fantasy fan, go in watching this with no expectations…” Flickering Myth

“Except for the dragons, there is not much obvious CGI use that stands out, good or bad. Most of the creatures in the movie are practical effects or costumed. Not all of them are good, the blue goblin creatures being the worst example, but the special effects team should be applauded for some of the prosthetic and creature designs.” Sword and Cinema

“The scenes in the woods are convincing enough. The monsters they fight are mostly acceptably done. The exception of the horde of blue orcs, whose costumes have some very obvious seams. The dragons certainly aren’t very spectacularly rendered. But the CGI is better than you would expect from a budget as low as the one Dragon Kingdom was filmed on.” Voices from the Balcony


Dragon Kingdom is released on DVD and Digital by Uncork’d Entertainment on September 3rd, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Ross O’Hennessy … Richard
  • Ben Loyd-Holmes … George
  • Rebecca Dyson-Smith … Princess Elizabeth
  • Zara Phythian … Dimia
  • Jemma Moore … Freya
  • Mike Mitchell … King Xalvador
  • Jon-Paul Gates … Prince Favian
  • Cengiz Dervis … Retic
  • Jessica-Jane Stafford … Gaila
  • Linda Louise Duan … Louza
  • Adrian Bouchet … James
  • Silvio Simac … Thomas
  • Marc Zammit … Bryce
  • Devon White … Magister
  • Joe Egan … Ramsey

Technical details:

  •  85 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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