Under ConTroll – Germany, 2019 – preview


‘Possessed by a monster’

Under ConTroll is a 2019 German comedy horror feature film about an evil troll that possesses the body of an attractive woman.

Directed by Eric Hordes from a scr2019eenplay co-written with Simon Hauschild and Alexander König, the Fantomfilm production stars Eva Habermann, Helmut Krauss, Katy Karrenbauer, Jirí Lábus and George Hardy.


During building work in the city of Baden-Baden in 2015, an evil troll who was transformed into stone in the 15th century is accidentally brought back to life. To prevent being unmasked, the troll slips into the body of Vanessa Majer (Eva Habermann) and enslaves her.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Troll is looking for Charlie (Nadir Sisman), the virginal boyfriend of Vanessa’s daughter. The troll needs his blood to evoke a portal to a magical prison. All he needs now is a great book of spells which he wants to find with the help of the ominous King of the Lake. Vanessa Troll’s plans prove to be successful if it wasn’t for the author, Doctor Fischer (Helmut Krauss), and the curious neighbour, Béatrice (Cecilia Pillado), who eventually come after him…


Under conTroll is scheduled for an October 18th online release by Narrative Films, as well as select screenings across the US.

Cast and characters:

  • Eva Habermann … Vanessa Majer
  • Helmut Krauss … Doctor Fischer
  • Katy Karrenbauer … Helga Wolf
  • Jirí Lábus … Vladimir Kaiser
  • George Hardy … Michael Waits
  • Désirée Nick … Marchioness of Baden
  • Cecilia Pillado … Béatrice
  • Billie Zöckler … Tipi
  • Ralf Bauer … Mayor
  • Britta Selling … Madame Pimèle
  • Lutz van der Horst … Arabello
  • Julian David … Youngling
  • Santiago Ziesmer … César
  • Desirée Altig … Natalja Majer
  • Nadir Sisman … Charlie
  • Rainer König … King of the Lake
  • Uwe Karpa … Hubert


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