PUMPKINS (2018) Reviews and overview


‘You reap what you sow’

Pumpkins is a 2018 British horror feature film about a farmer, who becomes the victim of a horrible joke gone wrong, and his bloody revenge.

Produced and directed by Maria Lee Metheringham (V vs V; Bite Night; A Vault of Victims), who also stars, from a screenplay co-written with Will Metheringham, the Great Northern Productions movie also stars Dani Thompson, Craig Edwards and Georgia Annable.

The synth soundtrack score was composed by Will Metheringham.


Assisted by his beloved pumpkins, a sweet farmer discovers that spilling blood is his newfound glory to anyone who dares trespass on his private land.

Unfortunately, for a group of innocent survivalists, their survival skills are soon put to the test and the local villagers are soon dragged into the bloody fight…

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“The film is frustratingly lifeless at times. But it’s only so frustrating because there are several great moments showing what the story could have been with a slightly better script. It also features a great 1980s slasher atmosphere.” Morbidly Beautiful

” …it shows lots of imagination, starting with the pumpkin-killer himself and his little pumpkin helpers as well as plenty of rather fun characters, plus an overall approach that is ironic enough to keep those not totally sold on the slasher formula entertained while gory enough and featuring enough creative deaths…” Search My Trash

Pumpkins, to put it mildly, is a mess. The script from director Maria Lee Metheringham and Will Metheringham can’t even be bothered to give its killer a name or backstory […] If the kills had been up to snuff, (so to speak), Pumpkins might still have been salvageable. But most are off-screen and the headless corpse looks very fake.” Voices from the Balcony

Choice dialogue:

Pam: “Right, that’s it. This sht’s pissing me off. Are you coming with me? Well, I’m not waiting around here to get picked off one by one, like some shtty horror movie. I’m goin’ out there. And I’m gonna shoot it. And if I ‘ave to, I’m gonna kill it.”


Pumpkins was released in the USA by High Octane Pictures on DVD and Digital on October 15th, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Dani Thompson … Pam
  • Maria Lee Metheringham … Shelly
  • Craig Edwards … Tommy
  • Georgia Annable … Macie
  • Panda Marcella Edgecombe-Craig … Sam
  • Mark Hindman Smith … Punter John
  • Stacey Gough … Stan
  • Samantha Hindman … Mrs Randle
  • John Micheal Foulger … Punter Bob
  • Dale Hooley … Danny
  • Stefan Michaels … Punter Clive
  • David Healy … Punter Dave
  • Iona Mckeown … Jen
  • George Walker … Alex
  • Debra Marie Mawdsley … Becky

Filming locations:

  • Derbyshire
  • The Old Glen House pub, Baildon, West Yorkshire

Technical details:

78 minutes

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Fun Facts:

There is a post-credits scene.