Sam Raimi reveals an Evil Dead sequel is definitely in development

Besides talking about his upcoming Ghost House Pictures’ reboot of The Grudge, at the New York ComicCon (NYCC) Sam Raimi also teased a new Evil Dead movie us in development with Bruce Campbell… sharing producer duties with Rob Tapert.

With reference to Bruce Campbell no longer wanting to play Ash, at NYCC Raimi said the actor is “tired of me throwing blood on him. Forty years of Bruce and those sticky syrup shirts… He wants to work again, but he just doesn’t want to play that role right now.”

A director has yet to be assigned but it’s understood that the plot will be a continuation of the well-received Evil Dead (2013), which starred Jane Levy, rather than a spin-off from series Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Previously, Raimi told Bloody Disgusting the franchise’s future wasn’t as a series. “I don’t think TV is in its future but we’re talking about — Bruce, [producer] Rob [Tapert] and myself — one or two different ways to go for the next movie. We’d like to make another Evil Dead feature and in fact, we’re working on some ideas right now.”


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