Bridge of the Doomed – USA, 2020 – preview and now with full trailer


Bridge of the Doomed is a 2020 horror feature film about a group of soldiers ordered to hold a bridge during a zombie outbreak. However, what lives underneath the bridge, proves to be even more deadly…

Directed by Michael Su (Doomed; My Demon Within; The Revolting Dead) from a screenplay written by Adrian Milnes, the movie stars Michael Paré (Mayday; Reborn; Bad Moon; et al), Robert LaSardo (Sky Sharks; Cynthia; Autopsy; et al) and Sarah French (Automation; Blind; Rootwood; et al).

Sixteen days of principal filming have been completed and producers Michael and Sonny Mahal (Attack of the Unknown; Art of the DeadBus Party to Hell) are now raising funds via an Indiegogo campaign for post-production and promotion.

Cast and characters:

  • Michael Paré … Colonel Charon
  • Robert LaSardo … General Vasquez
  • Sarah French … Susan
  • Ben Stobber … Zombie
  • Kate Watson … Sgt. Hernandez
  • Tammie Smith … Zombie 17, Zombie 22
  • Thomas Haley … Will Hendricks
  • Jon Vangdal Aamaas … Private Eckland
  • Timothy Skyler Dunigan … Les Pullen
  • Dennyann Giambrone … Reporter
  • Dee Cutrone … Mrs. Gill
  • Ronnie Nanos … zombie
  • Mindy Dougherty … Spc. Henessey / Radio Operator
  • William ‘Bill’ Connor … Big Jim Gill
  • Maisy Kay … Erin Foord

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