Restricted Area – USA, 2019 – Friends face a backwoods cult in survival horror

‘This is a dead end’

Restricted Area is a 2019 American survival horror feature film about four friends fighting to survive when they encounter a backwoods cult.

Written and directed by Christopher M. Don (co-producer of Minutes to Midnight), the Gear Up productions movie stars Randy Wayne (Hellraiser: Judgment), Phillip Andre Botello, Shawn C. Phillips (in masses of movies), Robert Don, Paige Lindsay Betts, Emily Gardt, Ross Britz, and West Murphy.

The film features an original score from Michael Levinson, plus bands Agent 51 and The Megas.


Four blue-collar friends, recently laid off from a steel mill, take one last camping trip into the wilderness. Unfortunately, the friends discover a backwoods cult with a cataclysmic agenda and must fight to survive…


Restricted Area is available on Digital via ITN Distribution. The film will be released on DVD by Mill Creek on February 4th, 2020.

Cast and characters:

  • Paige Lindsay Betts … Becky
  • Phillip Andre Botello … Harold
  • Ross Britz … Tom
  • Nicholes Cole … Sam
  • Christopher M. Don … Cody
  • Robert Don … Tyler
  • Danny Filaccio … Steve
  • Emily Gardt … Rose
  • Wilmer Hernandez … Haywire
  • Ryan James Hull … Frank
  • Dean Iida … Billy
  • Gus Moore … Atticus Smith
  • West Murphy … Axel
  • Evelyn Olivares … Mariana
  • Shawn C. Phillips … Paul
  • Randy Wayne … Tucker

Technical details:

111 minutes (!)

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