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The Deep House is a 2021 French horror film about a pair of YouTubers trapped in a submerged house deep within a lake.

Written and directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (Kandisha; Leatherface; Among the Living; Livid; Inside).

The Radar Films production stars James Jagger, Camille Rowe and Eric Savin.

Tina and Ben are a pair of French YouTubers who specialise in underwater exploration videos dive into a remote lake to discover a house submerged in the deep waters.


What was initially a unique finding soon turns into a nightmare when they understand the house was the scene of atrocious crimes. Trapped, with their oxygen reserves falling dangerously, Tina and Ben realize the worst is yet to come: they are not alone in the house…

” …it falls victim to the same problems that plagued one of the directors’ previous films, Livid (2011). Both features have an incredibly atmospheric and engaging set-up and tick along nicely during their first and second acts. However, both fall apart a little in the final stretch due to clumsy exposition dumps that try to explain the strange phenomenon but come across as confusing and half-baked.” All Ones That Got Away

“Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (Inside/Livid) have created a great set to play in but the difficulties of filming in this kind of space are apparent in the end product. The scenario itself conjures up a certain level of anxiety, but there’s simply not enough here to make The Deep House scary or even consistently tense.” Backseat Mafia

” …enjoyment will likely vary depending on how well you’re willing to submerge yourself in the details over the simplified story. But Bustillo and Maury successfully blend two subgenres that couldn’t be further apart and execute it with impressive ambition. That daring ability to test the bounds of horror, at least on a technical level, is always welcome in the genre space, even if not a perfect success.” Bloody Disgusting

” …one of the most unique haunted house movies in years. Fans of submerged scares and supernatural horror stories should find plenty to love in The Deep House – a truly bleak and transgressive work of aquatic horror from two modern masters of horror.” Horror DNA

” …claustrophobic and tense take over from captivating, and of course, there is also the pressure for the pair to get back to the surface before their air supply runs out. I must say, it fell down a little in the last act, though. It became kind of hasty, with a few narrative leaps instead of proper explanations, so in my opinion, it could have really done with being longer. That said, The Deep House is lots of gruesome fun…” Horror Obsessive

“The last few minutes of The Deep House […] with its horrible exposition dump, gets a bit tacky and unnecessary. Along with the silly dialogue, it gets a bit too much. The movie, which does really well throughout most of its runtime turns silly and kinda stupid at the fag end. It’s a shame, honestly. The movie ends on an odd cliffhanger.” Leisure Byte

“I just hoped it would be a bit more than the same ole, same ole. The Deep House does not move the genre forward as I’d desired but merely changes the location. Yet, The Deep House has worthy chills given its claustrophobic underwater setting, especially if you’re scared of water and haunted houses—this will terrify you.” Nightmarish Conjurings


“Given that two-thirds of The Deep House was filmed underwater, it is hard to imagine how challenging the shoot must have been. The choice to make the film this way certainly ensures that the locations come with a refreshingly topsy-turvy feel, liberating them from being too timeworn – after all, everything’s weird underwater – but the disadvantage of this is that the footage can at times, even by the standards of horror, be underlit and lacking in focus.” Projected Figures

” …the suspense that’s initially there fades away after a while as nothing but a few fake scares happen for the longest time. The film’s still well worth a watch as its underwater photography is pretty wonderful, and the diving scenes alone already add something special to the proceedings, it’s just that the whole thing quite honestly could have been structured better.” Search My Trash

” ….a first-person immediacy, the kind of filmmaking usually associated with the ‘found footage’ genre. Go-pros, drone lensing, body-cams, hi-tech mask-mics – the cutting edge tools of the video adventurer are used to record a fateful expedition, an undertaking filled with the kind of shocking revelations and otherworldly visitations […] That The Deep House manages to be a white-knuckle ghost story as well seems like a value-added bonus.” Screen-Space

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