TERRITORIAL BEHAVIOR (2015) Reviews and overview

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‘Silent. Elusive. Territorial.’

Territorial Behavior is a 2015 Irish found footage horror feature film about a survival instructor who encounters a malevolent force in backwoods Montana.

Directed and written by Peter Bergin (Hell’s Drifter; short: Beyond and Back), the Totality Pictures production stars Ronan Murphy, Bridget O’Connor, Corey Macri and Aaron Lee Reed.


Bailey Rhodes, a survival instructor with over ten-years of outdoors experience, ventures into a remote area of Montana to shoot a tutorial video. There, he comes to the malicious attentions of some violent poachers, who seem to take issue with his presence there. Rhodes becomes embroiled in a desperate life or death struggle in which he discovers that the reality of survival is very different from what he’s been teaching in the classroom.

Worse, he realizes there may be an even more malevolent force than these crazed hunters, lurking out there in the wilderness…



“There are some suspenseful moments during the night as Bailey sees glowing eyes in the woods around him. The tent moments are rather intense as well. Still, if Territorial Behavior would have offered something new after all of that time wandering through the woods, it would have been much more forgivable and recommendable.” Ain’t It Cool News

“There is a solid, underlying intelligence here that makes Territorial Behavior a fun little hike into the forest. It might not be particularly frightening, but it is a watchable, somewhat enjoyable little excursion into the woods that will make you think twice about where you pitch your next tent!” Cryptic Rock

“Even though there are some genre tropes present in the film, overall, it manages to avoid most pitfalls created by logistical problems. However, Peter Bergin’s film still misses the mark because it lacks that punch that’s needed. As a result, Territorial Behavior comes across as dry because there’s no atmosphere and no tension.” Film Bizarro

“The film has an interesting story, great practical effects, and a great ending.” Found Footage Critic

“With a tutorial of how to survive while lost in the woods, a tenured host, some poachers, trap cameras, an unseen beast, some knocking and a grizzly bear hitting an electric fence, this movie brings some fun, frights and fear of the unknown to the table when it comes to getting lost in the wilderness, even when there are people around that could help. Stay Scared.” Nerds That Geek


“If you’re still a fan of “found footage” in a general sense, though, and merely need to see it done with an admirable level of care, concern, and attention to details both large and small, then this admittedly modest production should prove to be right up your alley. It’s nothing you’re going to want to rush to see ASAP by any means, but if you do decide to give it a go, you’ll be happy that you did.” Trash Film Guru

Cast and characters:

  • Ronan Murphy … Bailey Rhodes
  • Bridget O’Connor … Amber Vance
  • Corey Macri … Sheriff Marvin Krantz
  • Aaron Lee Reed … Todd Sommerman

Technical details:

  • 80 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1

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