Abigail Haunting (2020) reviews and overview

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‘Some lies never die’

Abigail Haunting is a 2020 American horror feature film about a young woman that returns to her foster home and discovers a terrifying secret.

Directed by Kelly Schwarze (Alien Domicile; Territory 8) from a screenplay co-written with Charisma Manulat, the Indie Film Factory production stars Chelsea Jurkiewicz, Austin Collazo, Brenda Daly and Michael Monteiro.


After escaping the clutches of an abusive relationship, Katie (Chelsea Jurkiewicz) reluctantly returns to the foster home she grew up in. Little does she know, her foster mother Marge is harbouring a sinister secret dating back a decade.

Now, Katie finds herself caught up in a horrifying family drama while confronting an angry spirit named Abigail…

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” …this micro-budget film looks really nice. This isn’t a hand-held camera film; the creators actually spent the time to light, frame, and execute the shots. The higher production value look really elevates this film making it look anything but independent.” 22 Indie Street

“The acting is not horrible, as it can be in some indie horror films. The story itself takes a long time to engage the audience, but it’s worth the wait. Overall, I would say that Abigail Haunting is worth the watch, even though you have to wait for the story to get really interesting (as in the last 30 minutes of the movie).” Film Threat

” …a slow-building and character developing effort that turns up both the chills and the thrills in that final third as secrets start to be revealed and pieces start to be put together. It’s a film that requires patience, but for those willing to be patient this low-budget indie project has some effective pay-offs by film’s end.” The Independent Critic


” …a pretty decent flick that truth be told, may not be perfect – but is better than many heavily budgeted studio flicks I’ve seen recently. It may also be a little cliche but that’s quite all right – cliche is a good thing […] It’s not about the mile-a-minute jump scares rather the slow, tension building burn.” Indy Red

” …Abigail Haunting is something we’ve seen so many times before that it doesn’t hold any surprises. What should surprise or shock just happens as we expect it will […] Abigail Haunting is a well made but uncompelling effort.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Chelsea Jurkiewicz … Katie
Austin Collazo … Brian
Brenda Daly … Marge
Michael Monteiro … Walter
Christopher Brown … Roger
Taylor May … Abigail
Zander Garcia … Gavin
Eric Rickey … Hank
Ellinor Schwarze … Daughter
Joseph Stevenson … Bartender

Filming locations:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Technical details:

85 minutes

Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


6 Comments on “Abigail Haunting (2020) reviews and overview”

  1. i just finished watching the movie and have been hunting for the ost- esp the track at the end when the credits roll in. I didnt understand what happened and why the house has a hold over abigail or the foster mum ~ maybe some houses are like that. Twas an ok indie movie – characters cast were meant to be backwood type so the casting was ok.. even the benevolent delivery man.. though i wish there was some character development on him since he seems central to the plot. I’d give it a 6/10

    1. Abigail Haunting
      Film Review [Excerpts]
      INDYRED | APRIL 2020
      By Will Conrad

      “If I had any complaints at all, it would be the lack of interactions with Walter, played by Michael Monteiro. I kept expecting his inclusion in the film to be greater than just the occasional ramblings outside the house. A character along the lines of Zelda Rubinstein’s Tangina from the “Poltergeist” movies come to mind. It’s a shame he wasn’t utilized more.”

      The Independent Critic | April 2020
      By Richard Propes

      “Michael Monteiro shines as Walter, though he’s way under-utilized.”

    2. I don’t believe the house had a hold to begin with. The fact that the house had encountered such an sinister secret, resentment, bitterness etc. all of that negativity probably conjured up so much energy which the house incubated. Which possibility given much feed (like an open door) for Abigail to haunt. Keep in mind things like a house don’t start possession, spirits attach to things like a house to possess. (There’s a saying where a person dies opens up a portal for sprits to conjure”haunt”) I believe Abigail (being the fact that it was her home) took an hold of the house (which incubated all that negative energy) made it easy for her to have an hold of foster mom and the people it involved deciding to make it hers. Guilt bitterness pain and suffering a whole bunch of negativity played a major part of it all this, energy do make up the matter of all things it’s what we as people decided to do with it. Being the fact no one decided to do anything Abigail was the only one who choose to take action. As for Walter I agree I would have liked more of a background of his role than just a man staying in his lane 😅

  2. I dont know who did the casting on this, but Chelsea Jurkiewicz is about the worst actor I have ever seen. I mean she is bad. Its agony to watch her and she is the worst part of this movie by far. I dont mean to be mean, but she should definitely keep her day job. And she is not attractive at all either. What was the reason they casted her? Was she their niece and agreed to work for free? Did she have something over on them that enabled her to blackmail her way in? So bad.

    1. Tell me about it! This was by far the worst price I’d crap I have ever seen, and she really looks like an alien!

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