DARK ROADS 79 (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Their road to fame led straight to hell!’

Dark Roads 79 is a 2017 American horror feature film about a failing rock band who head to a cabin in the woods to seek inspiration and a new sound.

Written and directed by Chase Smith (Creature Feature), who also wrote the original soundtrack and co-stars, the movie Spirit World Productions movie also stars April Bogenschutz (Penance Lane), Eddie George, David Flannery, Jessica Sonneborn and genre icon Bill Moseley.


1979: Time in the spotlight has come to an abrupt end for the Southern rock band known as Dark Roads. To find a new sound and regain their fame and fortune, they head to a secluded cabin to work on a new album.

One by one, each band member begins to meet their demise and the survivors soon discover that the front man of the band sold his soul to the devil – for the fame and fortune they’ve enjoyed. Now, the time has come to pay back this debt with their souls!


Terror Films is released Dark Roads 79 on a variety of digital platforms in May 2020.


“Those that enjoy rock music will certainly enjoy its music, that is the best part of the movie, but ironically is not one of its best attributes. The key parts of the plot are good enough to keep the viewer engaged in what will happen next, but the time it takes to get to them is a challenge.” 10th Circle

“Overall, the film never achieves a scary thrill ride, nor does it achieve gore-hound deluxe package, however, some of the imagery conjures a devilish feel, balanced with just enough killing, bloodshed and the right amount of tension to interest most horror fans.” The Horror Times

“Although never truly scary or excessively gory, there should be enough kills, blood and suspense to satiate most horror fans. However, the real strength of the film lies in its creativity, interesting characters, and exceptional soundtrack.” Morbidly Beautiful

“It all plays out about as I expected despite all the red herrings. But it does at least try to keep you guessing. Which is more than I can say for a lot of films lately. Dark Roads 79 is an enjoyable Southern Rock take on Faust with a trace of slasher thrown in for good measure.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Bill Moseley … Caretaker Joseph Willams
Eddie George … Robert Johnson
Libby Blanton … Jenny Cooper
Jessica Sonneborn … Mackenzie Austin
Chase Smith … Ian Cash
Austin Freeman … Kent Gordon
Lance Paul … Tyler Rhodes
April Bogenschutz … Grace King
David A. Flannery … Bobby Gray (as David Flannery)
Ramona Mallory … Stacy Jones
Jimmy Dempster … Michael
Richard Krevolin … Miles Graham
Jennifer Masty … Lizzy
Kevin A. Campbell … Concertgoer
Ted Parker … Thomas ‘Motormouth’ Jones

Technical details:

80 minutes

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