Don’t Run (2019) reviews and overview


‘Peter was afraid to leave his house… until fear hit home’

Don’t Run is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film about a timid boy who is trapped inside his house with a monster that threatens to eat him – if he isn’t in bed by sundown every night.

Written, directed, produced, edited and financed by Ben Rood, the Roundhouse Flicks production stars Danny Irizarry, Charlotte Arnold, Wendy Keeling, Holly Arnold, Grant Brooks and Dan Foley.


Don’t Run is available to watch on Amazon Prime

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Cast and characters:

  • Danny Irizarry … Peter
  • Wendy Keeling … Peter’s Mom
  • Charlotte Arnold … Amy
  • Holly Arnold … Amy’s Mom
  • Grant Brooks … Josh
  • Cody Cheatwood … Boyfriend
  • Darlene Cooper … Derek’s Mom
  • Jodie Dunn … Aunt Jode
  • Dan Foley … Detective Jacob
  • Cameron Hollstegge … Little Boy
  • Jeremias Iribarren … Josh (as Jeremias Irribaren
  • John Newkirk … Detective Felix
  • Jesse Pepe … Movie Actor 2
  • Dan Ray … Movie Actor 1
  • Barb Rood … Jeanette Berning

Filming locations:

Miamisburg and Middletown, Ohio

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