QUARANTINE GIRL (2020) Reviews with trailer


Quarantine Girl is a 2020 American horror-thriller feature film about a woman’s mental state that deteriorates as she isolates herself during a pandemic.

Directed by Nicole D’Angelo (Sinful) and Gregory Hatanaka (Choke) from a screenplay written by the former who also co-stars, the CineRidge Entertainment production also headlines Lisa London, Shane Ryan and Chris Spinelli (Sinful).


Quarantine Girl will be released at the end of the month by Cinema Epoch.


“A pretty tight and intense thriller where the majority of the focus on her story is quite enjoyable […] It does get drawn out and repetitive with the loneliness and isolation taking a toll on her just as much as the strange packages that keep arriving at her house, but it’s not that detrimental.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation 

“Despite sounding as though it could lead into becoming a gore-drenched grim and bleak horror feature, Quarantine Girl goes nowhere near that realm as it is a boring drama that is a strongly self-indulgent venture for D’Angelo as she is in every scene throughout the film while delivering as much of a relatively bland performance as her fellow cast members…” Steven Millan


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