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‘They were warned’

Let It Snow is a 2020 Ukrainian-Georgian survival thriller feature film about a young female snowboarder being stalked by a masked killer.

Directed by Stanislav Kapralov from a screenplay co-written with Omri Rose, the FishCorb Films-Solar Media Entertainment production stars Ivanna Sakhno (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Alex Hafner and Tinatin Dalakishvili. Executive Producers are Yan Fisher and Roger Corbi.


Mia (Ivanna Sakhno) is a free-riding snowboarder who is separated from her fiancé after sneaking onto a restricted slope. She must not only survive against nature but also a masked snowmobile rider who’s out for her blood…


“There’s an interesting family struggle at the center of the whole nightmare, without giving too much away, but it’s as half-baked as everything else going on in this one. We already know right off the bat where the whole thing is going and it never gets much more compelling than that…” Bloody Disgusting
“I suppose this movie could have benefited from more thrills and shocking moments along the way. But even still, Let It Snow manages to be a captivating horror-thriller with a stellar lead performance and also, some absolutely gorgeous cinematography and scenery along the way.” Caillou Pettis Movie Reviews

“Kapralov’s reach exceeds his grasp on Let It Snow, and it’s disappointing because the base story has plenty of potential in terms of action and horror, but it simply wasn’t achieved. If you’re a fan of Ivanna Sakhno or just want to see some beautiful shots of the Caucuses, then you may want to check this movie out, otherwise, I’d pass on it.” Crypt Teaze

“There some very good individual scenes, and Sakhno is put through her paces to quite a gruelling extent, but as a whole Let it Snow is a terrible mess, and most will be able to spot its final reveal coming from a very early point. A fairly shaky feature debut from Kapralov…” Dark Eyes of London

“It isn’t quite The Revenant, though it’s occasionally visually awe-inspiring. Still, come the end it’s neither frightful nor delightful enough to be memorable. The action is forgettable, and what passes as a final confrontation feels unearned and unsatisfying.” Horror Cult Films

Let It Snow gift wraps itself as survival horror with a slasher flare and some intriguing imagery, but does neither all that successfully, with a finale that is as frustrating as anything I’ve experienced in the genre this year. Still, Sakhno carries the film with a gut-wrenching display of fierce determination, the locations are breathtaking, and we can never have enough Christmas horror.” Killer Horror Critic

” …a bunch of things happen that don’t make sense and ruin the experience. I couldn’t believe such a beautiful film would waste itself on simple-minded plot points. A character in particular, in the middle of the story, feels out of place. But I guess we came here for the sightings.” Tales of Terror

“The whole endeavor as rinse, repeat hypothermia, feels like a pointless exercise in aloof methodology. So yeah, Snow is not The Shining nor is it The Grey nor is it 1993’s Alive. It’s just meh. It’s another cold-weather flick in which the characters survive longer in sub-zero temperatures than any human being has a right to.” Views on Film

“Much of Let it Snow is Mia stumbling around in the snow. The elements are a bigger threat to her than the killer who is on screen for maybe five minutes. The fact the killer first appears relatively early in the film and the fact they were willing to cause an avalanche to try and kill Mia had me hoping Let It Snow was going to be a good horror/action hybrid. Instead, the avalanche was just an excuse to use some stock footage.” Voices from the Balcony


In the USA, Arclight Films and Grindstone Entertainment released Let It Snow on VOD and DVD on September 22, 2020.


Not to be confused with the 2019 Christmas teen romantic comedy of the same name which stars Isabela Merced and Shameik Moore.

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