DAY 13 (2020) Reviews and overview

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Day 13 is a 2020 American horror feature film about a teenage boy that suspects one of his neighbours is part of a satanic cult.

Directed by Jax Medel from a screenplay co-written by Dan Gannon and Walter Goldwalter, the Kapow! Entertainment production stars Martin Kove, Alex MacNicoll, Genevieve Hannelius and Darlene Vogel.


When seventeen-year-old Colton (Alex MacNicoll) is left at home to babysit his little sister for the summer, he develops a crush on Heather (Genevieve Hannelius), the beautiful girl who just moved into a mysterious old house across the street. He falls in love with her from afar — but also witnesses her foster father (Martin Kove) grow increasingly threatening towards her.

When Colton suspects the man belongs to a satanic cult and is preparing to ritually murder her, he resorts to desperate measures to intervene, and learns that the truth of the situation is more horrifying than anything he had ever imagined…


“Though much of the film bares little effects of any kind and relies more on practical realism for the majority when the visual effects by Mat Fuller (ABCs of Death 2) do come into the fold, they are slightly clunky, but by and large, not bad considering Day 13s indie budget and are sorely underused when the full of demon apocalypse takes shape.” It’s Bloggin Evil

“Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of loose ends or forgotten pieces here. Everything had its purpose, even if that purpose never went below the surface. It’s not a perfect film, and it’s not the scariest. It’s supernatural Disturbia lite and tons of fun along the way.” Killer Horror Critic

” …leaves you in the dark about what’s real and what not till the very end (another parallel to Hitchcock’s movie there) while telling its tale with a maximum on tension and atmosphere with a few well-placed shocks and much of the terror hidden in the subtext. The result is a very solid horror flick that well deserves a watch.” Search My Trash

“Somewhere around the 49-minute mark of the film something happens that will make your jaw drop but it seems as though none of the characters were fazed by it but looking back I see it was hint tease of what was to follow. Day 13 is an intense horror/thriller that will have you glued to your seat all the way to its devilish end.” Video Views


In the USA, Day 13 was released on Digital on August 4, 2020, with a DVD release following on September 1st via Breaking Glass Pictures.

Cast and characters:

Martin Kove … Magnus Torvald
Alex MacNicoll … Colton Fremont
Genevieve Hannelius … Heather (as G. Hannelius)
Darlene Vogel … Lisa
Shakira Ja’nai Paye … Sonia
Harvey B. Jackson … LAPD Sergeant Larsen
Meyrick Murphy … Rachel
Hollis W. Chambers … Roger
Jonathan Ohye … Officer Huang
JT Palmer … Michael
Lauren Donoghue … EMT
Jeremy J. Tutson … Michael
Bobby Milhouse … Hot Mailman

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