THE LAST FIVE DAYS (2020) Reviews and overview


‘Curiosity kills’

The Last Five Days is a 2020 American found-footage horror feature film about two college students that find evidence connected to a series of deaths. Things begin to spiral out of control when an unknown force watching them becomes more violent and bloodthirsty.

Directed by Clay Moffatt, and co-written by Moffatt and Joe Pacini, the movie stars Kayla Andrews, Adam Berardi and Melaney Cook.


“The first half-hour is spent listening and watching two ill-prepared young men obtain evidence for a project for their film class. They decide to film at night-time meaning that much of the film’s first half is simply their camera focusing on wherever the torchlight touches upon. It’s hardly enthralling, in fact, its patience wearing…” My Bloody Reviews

“The overall effect for the audience maintains that what we are seeing and hearing is, in fact, very real which is a complement to the filmmakers and the actors.” Reel Reviews

“It’s when the actual madness starts that the film finds its footing […] blending a mystery (that ultimately remains unsolved) with horror trappings, suspense with jump scares, and peppers everything with a feeling of unease that’s rather beautifully increased throughout to make for a dramatic ending.” Search My Trash

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The Last Five Days is available now on Digital and DVD via Wild Eye Releasing.