CUT AND CHOP (2020) Reviews and overview


‘Method or madness’

Cut and Chop is a 2020 American dark comedy horror feature film about a troubled method actor who gets carried away with his work on a role… playing a butcher.

Written, directed by and starring Drew Hale (actor in 8 Days to Hell; Clown), the Pegasus Flying Films production also stars Kari Alison Hodge, Varda Appleton, Shane Woodson and features Ron Jeremy in a cameo role. The movie was produced by aforementioned Drew Hale and Shane Woodson.


Tom (Drew Hale), a troubled method actor who has just landed a role in an indie film begins to get violently carried away with his artistic eccentricities while people around him begin to wonder if he is truly an artist… or just mentally unstable.


Cut and Chop is available to buy or rent via Amazon Prime


“Where the first half of Cut and Chop is mysterious, tense, and thrilling, the second half, while still having much of the same charm, feels like the story ran out of steam. The main conflict that is introduced late into the film feels like what the film had been building up to all along but the plot meanders once it happens. There are still interesting moments with the side characters…” Horror Buzz

“Nothing is arthouse fancy and there isn’t a bombardment of Dutch angles, but the space is layered really intelligently, and the cameras keep us always in tom’s world. Sometimes distorted, sometimes surreal. There’s also a lot of understated gore, which leaves things enticingly ambiguous until they are abruptly and violently not.” Rue Morgue

Cast and characters:

Drew Hale … Tom
Kari Alison Hodge … Esmerelda
Varda Appleton … Gladys
Ron Jeremy … Liquor store owner
Shane Woodson … Burt
Art Roberts … B-Film Director
Sevan Aliksanian … The Butcher
Anya Bay … Lisa
Aleksandr Rykov … Homeless Actor
Tony Olayinka … B-Film Producer
Mike Allen … Furniture Shopper
Arnella Barbara … Cart pusher Mable
Kim Nguyen … B-Film Wardrobe Assistant
Conor Daniel Soules … B-Film Gaffer
Robyn Parks … Cart pusher Maude (as Prof. Robyn Parks)

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