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Camp Twilight is a 2020 American comedy horror feature film in which six students on a weekend trip find themselves being hunted to death.

Directed by Brandon Amelotte from a screenplay co-written with Felissa Rose, the Entertainment Factory-Pelican Films production stars Dave Sheridan (The Special; Blood Craft; The Devil’s Rejects), Linnea Quigley (The Last Thanksgiving; Jack-O; Night of the Demons; et al), Vernon Wells (Fear of the Woods; Kill Giggles; Jurassic City) and aforementioned Felissa Rose (Shriekshow; Victor Crowley; Camp Dread; Sleepaway Camp; et al). Produced by Steven Chase,  Rick Finkelstein and Felissa Rose.


After discovering they are at risk of failing to graduate, six students agree to a weekend camping trip for extra credit. Lead by their teachers, Ms Bloom and Mr Warner, the students arrive at Camp Twilight and discover its past.

The park has a dangerous and notorious history, and the students soon discover these stories are more than just urban legends. After a series of “accidents”, the remaining group discovers they are being hunted and must stick together to survive Camp Twilight…


“It’s a fun film — Rose is clearly having a blast in her role — and while not the best slasher you’ve seen, it moves quickly and has a decent ending.” B & S About Movies

Camp Twilight perhaps errs a little too much on the comedy side of things, taking a while to build to the slasher aspect […] A bigger, bloodier final girl showdown would have been welcomed also and the flick could have been a bit tighter if 10 mins were shorn off.” Blueprint: Review

“The film does have a sense of humour – odd dialogue from the incompetent rangers can raise a smile – but it’s delivered through awkward slapstick sequences […] Characters can switch awkwardly from one extreme emotional state to another, often without reasonable motivation. Drawing attention to particular social issues like this just feels jarring, and abrasive..” Go Beyond the Veil

“If you head to Camp Twilight knowing the type of slasher it is trying to be then there will be fun and entertainment for you here. It doesn’t try to innovate, or to give any type of particular message, and its many kills are often lacking, but as brain dead entertainment it succeeds without ever becoming dull, and spotting the cameos was something fun to do.” The Rotting Zombie

“It’s carried by a fine cast of characters who really put colour to the proceedings and work well as an ensemble, there’s plenty of humour that goes well with the horror and doesn’t feel like taking cheap shots at the genre, and even if the final resolution doesn’t come quite as surprising as intended, it’s well-executed – as is the whole movie, amounting to some good genre fun.” Search My Trash

“It’s a reunion of scream queens; Linnea Quigley, Felissa Rose, Camille Keaton, Jessica Cameron, and, if these names don’t ring a bell, I’m sure you’ll notice how intense their performances are […] The editing is wobbly. The kills are so-so. Some shots are a few seconds too long, but the execution works most of the time.” Tales of Terror

” …most of the kills are either offscreen or rely on flying blood. Perhaps they should have done without a couple of the cameos and invested in more and better effects. Because with a cast this big and so many victims, spicing the kills up would have made a big difference. So would a killer who had a costume scarier than a black hoodie and a ski mask.” Voices from the Balcony

“The film features great performances, a fantastic storyline, and excellent comic relief, but with some editing love, it would be a well-crafted masterpiece. Overall, Camp Twilight is a refreshing, unique slasher that I think all horror fans will enjoy for the spooky season.” Wicked Horror

“Had Camp Twilight kept itself a comedic film with murderous twists, it would have worked straight through to the end. I loved this film while it was making me roll my eyes and laugh aloud. Unfortunately, the third act loses that absurd edge and becomes a more conventional psychopathic slasher film.” Without Your Head

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Cast and characters:

Dave Sheridan … Ranger Bob Sheridan
Linnea Quigley … Heather
Vernon Wells … Detective Bennett
Felissa Rose … Jessica Bloom
Camille Keaton … District Attorney
Brooklyn Haley … Maria
Jessica Cameron … Joann Warner
Chalet Lizette Brannan … Jessica Bloom ( younger )
Tracy Lear … Ms Monique
Steven Chase … Ranger Art
Tricia Brooks … Newscaster
Barry Jay Minoff … Mr Warner
Cougar MacDowall … Johnny Palmer
Dawn Lyn … Crime scene observer
Thomas Haley … Tom
Lauren Olipra … Helen
Jason Ryan Lovett … Richard
Dawn Lyn … Crime scene observer
Chad Moseley … James
Skylar Lear … Mr Flanagan
Vince Eustace … Newscaster
Omar Caraballo … Sheriff
Angela Gluchowski … Tori Loomis
John J Thomassen … Detective Cooke
Marty Marrero … Crime Scene Security Guard
Deborah Louise Ortiz … Jane
Kieran Harriman … Doctor Tanner
Harris Sebastian … Kevin Wynn
Kevin Eilenberg … High School Student
Dondre Tuck … Danny Thompson
Carlie Carpenter … Veronica
Austin J. Brucks … Dark Hooded Figure / Killer
Shaman the Shepherd … Police dog
Hayleigh Hopkins … Sydney King

Filming locations:

Coral Springs, Florida
Markham Park, Sunrise, Florida

Technical details:

94 minutes

Working title:

Monster Lake


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