SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE (2011) Reviews and not recommended


‘The last scream you hear will be your own.’

Scream of the Banshee is a 2011 American horror film about a university archaeology team that comes across a strange boxed artefact. Unfortunately, a creature that is able to kill with the power of its bone-splitting scream is released.

Written, edited and directed by Steven C. Miller (Escape Plan 2: Hades; First Kill; Marauders; Silent Night; Under the Bed; Automaton Transfusion) from a story co-written with Jacob Hair (Hood of Horror), the After Dark Films production stars Lauren Holly (Dead Shack; The Blackcoat’s Daughter), Lance Henriksen, Eric F. Adams (In the Hell of Dixie; Night of the Demon, 2009; Autopsy) and Marcelle Baer (Vampires Suck).

Produced by Moshe Diamant, Anthony C. Ferrante (Sharknado franchise director), Lauren Ito and Lucy Mukerjee.


1188 A.D.: Limerick, Ireland. Templar Knights chase a creature through the woods and trap her head in a metal box.

Present Day: Santa Mira University, California. Professor Isla Whalen (Lauren Holly) and her team receive a box containing a 12th-Century Irish gauntlet. An accompanying map leads to a room hidden in the department’s archives which contains an armoured box that can be opened once the gauntlet is placed on it. The is horrified to find that the box contains a hideous mummified head that scrams and then disintegrates.

Gradually, the team discovers that they have unleashed a banshee which manifests itself as a deformed hag. The banshee stalks each of them and they realise they must find discredited former Professor Broderick Duncan (Lance Henriksen) who has become obsessed with the banshee…


“An interesting element in the piece is the use of two villains. Of course, the aforementioned screaming witch is an antagonist, but so is a Col. Kurtz (Apocalypse Now) like character, named Broderick Duncan (Lance Henriksen) […] This film was enjoyed by this reviewer, as a one-time watch. However, others might find the film a little too formulaic, or full of too many cliches. The story’s conclusion is also somewhat predictable.” 28 Days Later Analysis

“The pacing works well, and the story is decent, but there’s an element of intrigue that’s sorely missed. It’s entertaining seeing some nice practical effects, but unfortunately, they’re not strong enough to keep viewers truly tuned in […] A lot of situations feel uncomfortable or out of place, and it feels as though the casting director just wanted the opportunity to recruit the chops of Lance Henricksen” Addicted to Horror Movies

Scream of the Banshee delivers on a few horror promises: It has a great plot, some great scenes of gore, and some scenes which may even scare the more faint-hearted among us […] weakness are made up for in one scene with the sheer amount of blood that was poured on one actress’s face […] I was disappointed with Lance Henriksen’s screen time, as he only shows up for about 10 minutes…” Love Horror

“This film… is interesting. It’s not terrible. It’s not great. A lot of it is just the middle of the road for me. I like the Banshee design at times, although I wish that there was a more uniform one. Is the implication that they all see it differently? If so, I can excuse it…” Mondo Bizarro

Scream of the Banshee is about as processed a piece of formula filmmaking as it gets. It has been made without any feeling or originality placed into it beyond the formula. The film has been conceived as and seems only interested in the provision of a series of frequently ridiculous makeup effects as members of the supporting cast are despatched every few minutes.” Moria

“Aside from the story, the acting, and even the sound and the editing, the film is fantastic. The cinematography is phenomenal and makes what would be otherwise intolerable only un-watchable. The film comes together with a bogeyman who is introduced three-quarters of the way into the film and the finale is your bog-standard mess of a third act.” Roobla

” …there are moments that do achieve a sense of Gothic atmosphere […] Apart from that, nothing in this is good. In fact, it’s very bad. The Banshee herself is stupid, looking like a poor, toothy Alien imitator who has almost Freddy Krueger like powers as far as her ability to create hallucinations and get into people’s minds.” Talk of Horrors

” …the creature is completely arbitrary, but by throwing in a word like “banshee” or “chupacabra”, it’s almost like you expect someone to build upon the strange and creepy phenomenon. Wrong! I’ve also learned that Lauren Holly really has nothing better to do these days and that Lance Henriksen really will be in any movie, as long as the check clears.” The Wolfman Cometh

Cast and characters:

Lauren Holly … Professor Isla Whelan
Lance Henriksen … Professor Broderick Duncan
Eric F. Adams … Samuel Page
Marcelle Baer … Shayla Whelan
Edrick Browne … Officer Sioux
Leanne Cochran … Janie
Thomas C. Daniel … Young Duncan
Kasey Emas … Schoolgirl
Todd Haberkorn … Otto
Garrett Hines … Kurtis
Don Lincoln … Detective
Kim Ormiston … Woman in the Red Cape
Misty Ormiston … Old Hag – Banshee
Timothy Miller … Extra
Monica Acosta … Detective (uncredited)
Kayden Kessler … Jenko Rodriguez (uncredited)
John T. Wilson Jr. … Security Guard (uncredited)

Filming locations:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Technical details:

88 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital

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